Grandparents day is a big deal at our elementary school.  (Well, it should be a big deal everywhere, because grandparents are pretty much the bee’s knees in my opinion.)

I love that the elementary school invites all the kids to invite their grandparents to join them for lunch the Friday before Grandparent’s Day.  And since we often don’t have grandparents in town (Dave’s parents spend most of their time in Idaho when it’s so dang hot here in the desert…they’re smart that way:), over the years I’ve had the chance to be the “sub” more times than I can count (which I love).

But a couple days before that grand day this year, Lu and I remembered we do sort of have some even better “fake grandparents”…Dave’s aunt and uncle Helen & Stuart.  They are the dearest souls, both so full of light and love.  Stuart has had a few health issues lately, and Helen is such a wonderful caretaker and is always checking on us and so anxious to support and join us with whatever we may need.  So we asked if they could come.

They have their own grandkids close-by, but the timing worked out perfectly so that they could join Lucy and I at the end of lunch and we loved every minute of it.

I love that the cute student council welcomes all the grandparents:

Lu and I, along with a new sweet friend at school, sat and ate and talked a bit before Stuart and Helen arrived:

Lucy, in the beginning, had wanted me to pick her up and take her somewhere instead of eating at school.  This was her note to me:
But you can’t leave school on Grandparent’s Day for crying out loud!  So she gave me very specific instructions as to what I could bring her for lunch:
She sure didn’t want me to make any mistakes on that order! 🙂
Stuart and Helen joined us for the last little part of lunch and accompanied us the the Book Fair.
Can you see the light in those faces?
These girls were excited about books, and that’s a pretty great thing too!

 Thankful for Grandparents, the ones who were there and the ones who were there in spirit 😉

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