…and a couple others cameras…in no particular order.

Lu and I got to make the drive with the rest of the family for the first time in years. We were both pretty well-behaved so I think we’ve earned the right to be part of the family again 🙂

Hanging with my parents:

Our kids are skiers:
(and so are their cousins…on both sides)

Elle and Max took up snowboarding this year.

My mom and sis-in-law helped with Lucy. Some day she’ll be ready for skis but not this year.
More cousin time.

A couple days with friends:
Those “gang signs” up there on the bottom right are really supposed to be “40’s” because we are all turning 40 this year. That was at a b-day party one of their husbands put on for them while we were up there.

Time at the condo overlooking the temple:
(swimming and 3D television included)

House ideas with Dave’s cousin:
…and getting stuck in the slushy snow and dinner with my parents.

The best hosts:

Another late-into-the-night drive back to home-sweet-home:
Dave is a master driver.

There are so many things not pictured here, we really packed it in, but there’s the main idea.

Now it’s back to the grindstone 🙂


  1. looks like a fun fun trip!!!!! oh how i loved the condo picture with the temple, i can only imagine how pretty it is at night.

    I have to say, i am in love with the white kitchen shown in the 'house idea' picture, i went back and looked at it time and time again!

    I think we are all waiting for a sneak peak at your new home!!

  2. All those fantastic photos and what stuck out to me? The Frosted Mini Spooners.
    I love living in Switzerland, but man sometimes I really miss some things from America such as Malt-O-Meal!
    Looks like a great trip.
    Thanks for your blog.

  3. I really think iphones take a great picture :-)…sadly im using mine more than my Nikon….I have to get out of that habit…
    I love the picture of your parents Shawni…they look so happy.

  4. Oh wow, did we love having you! That was a ski season to remember! We really packed it in and you all somehow survived that crazy slush and the long drive both ways. Congrats to you and Lucy!

  5. Shawni,
    Here's a Friday question for you: What does your Dad's shirt mean? The one with the "CAT PACK" and Superman insignia?

    Glad you had an awesome spring break!

  6. Dang! One of these years we'll hook up with you guys on the slopes! Looks like fun. And I'm so jealous that you already have it blogged!

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