This is where we were supposed to be this weekend…
…hunting for sea creatures on the beach in Mexico.…and shopping for sombreros and slingshots and purses made of shells in the little nearby quaint little town.But sadly we had to opt out of the trip because of Dave’s crazy travel schedule he has coming up. I’m a complete sucker for traveling whenever I get the chance, but we ended up having a great day despite having to stay in town. And the weird thing is that the great day all started out with a paper shredding party. I decided today was finally the day I would do what I’ve been plaining to do for three months: clean out my desk. And man oh man I never knew four kids could be so incredibly delighted by helping me out with the paper shredder. I guess they had never met one of those awesome, whizzbang things before. They scavenged pretty much every loose piece of paper in our house so they could shred it up. Our recycle bin is brimming and my desk looks very close to amazing (at least if you compare it to how it looked before).

Another weekend highlight was that we found our beloved hamster Lilly who had been missing for two days. She was behind the washing machine. How the heck did she get down all those stairs? We’re happy to report she’s safe and sound back in her cage again, much to Gracie’s relief. (She sure worries about that thing.)

We celebrated by bowling tonight. I lost.


  1. You sound like me when travel plans don’t happen. Sorry about that. Looks like fun. Glad you got stuff accomplished and hopefully you had fun bowling. 🙂 Was the hamster starving? So cute that Grace worries about her little hamster.
    I know I am signed in as “Brenna”, but it is really Christine.

  2. Almost as good as Mexico. I can’t believe that the hamster was free for 2 days. Meg would have been a wreck too. Glad you found her safe and sound.
    Your desk clean-up has inspired me to do the same. I also need to get a paper shredder.
    That Mexico trip looked like fun.

  3. Okay! You’ve inspired me to clean out my desk – a long overdue project, I’m afraid!

    You have a BEAUTIFUL family and your pictures are unmatched!

  4. You wont believe this, our old hamster (speedy) went missing for 3 weeks! To our surprise he was found down in the basement having the time of his life going thru our year supply! I found little piles of food, paper & garbage behind all the boxes. Another time i was up late getting some things done around my house and i noticed the little crystals were swaying back & forth on the top of the dresser in our guest room, sure enough i found our little speedy in one of the drawers & he couldn’t get out. I was TOTALLY freaked out!

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