I just wanted to thank all you amazing mother photographers who came to my class today. It was so fun to talk about one of my very favorite subjects. Are you overwhelmed? I sure hope not but I know I threw a bunch of info. at you in that short hour! The point I wanted to reiterate over and over though is that once you get the hang of it it’s pretty simple. Just take little steps…start with the ISO, then work on aperture, then add in the shutter speed. Read your camera manual and get to know it well. I know the auto mode turns out some great pictures, but if you stick with learning to shoot in manual mode you’ll LOVE the results.

The most important thing is to practice right away so you’ll remember all the stuff. Good luck! I’ll be doing another class in September so we can push forward with your new skills you’ll have under your belt by then.


  1. Hey thanks for the tip to go online — I just figured it out!:) (the darkened corners that it) Wish I lived closer so I could attend a class!:)

  2. It was awesome (of course) Shawni! I only wish we would’ve had more time. I’m excited to try some new things, and even the little tips are going to be so helpful.

  3. Shawni- Just wanted to say thanks for the class. It has made such a difference with the pictures that I’ve been taking. I can’t put my camera down. I found your blog through your photography website and I love to check it out every once in a while. You are so inspirational. It’s a relief knowing that other moms are feeling the same way I am. Thanks again for everything. Also, I would be way interested in a photoshop/lightroom class.

  4. The class was awesome you did a great job! I just need to take little baby steps and not get overwhelmed by it all. It is something I have wanted to get better at for a long time. Thanks for all the great tips!

  5. I really enjoyed your class. I do feel a little overwhelmed but excited to start learning more. I can tell you have really studied and researched for a long time. What a great talent and hobby you have! You were very inspiring as always!

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