Thank you, thank you for all the great comments on that last post.

Let’s just have a pact that we are going to do the best we can to remember everyone has troubles in one way or another…everyone has a portion of their lives that may never be aired to the public. We all have things we don’t want to remember and therefore don’t write about. Let’s not get all worked up when in the midst of mires of worries others choose to write about sunny, rainbow things on their blogs, because hey, there’s nothing wrong with accentuating the positive.

Blogging can be a powerful tool if we let it be. I feel that oftentimes I am much more deliberate in my mothering and/or even life in general when I am pondering a question I’ve posed on this blog or when I am trying to find a solution to something I’m troubled about. I LOVE all the inspiring things people write back and I have taken so much of that to heart. Comments and ideas from others (whether on this blog or from what I read on others’ blogs) have the power to change me and build me and my family up, so, thank you.

I believe we mothers have the potential to change the world if we let our lights shine…and not wallow in our own shortcomings. And we are the only ones who can choose how we will let things affect us. The decision is ours…not others writing the blogs we read.

Now I’m off to fold some laundry and scrape squished raisins off the floor. Chances are that I’ll get frustrated and start ranting to my kids about how in the heck they can leave such a big mess…but perhaps I’ll notice some beauty in the process and blog about it…who knows?

I really do love blogs.


  1. Shawni – you are the BEST. Back in my blogging days, I received a GREAT comment. "Ignore the bloggin mama drama. And let your haters be your motivators."

    AMEN! Keep blogging!

  2. Oh, Shawni … I don't even know you, and I think you're absolutely AMAZING! I loved your last post and the reference to the iceberg comment too. Along with the stuff I learn from blogs and my own experiences, I know I need to adjust to the fact that all things here on earth are just so very temporary. If I hold on to the way life's supposed to be, I'll be very, very disappointed. I have been before.

    I love your blog and wish I could know you in person. For now, I'm happy being inspired by you in this way and knowing that yes, we all express our own passions through our blogs. This is what we love, what our heart will allow us to share, what we pray about day in and day out as mothers.

    Thanks for being a "friend" to me. xoxo, Stacie

  3. I dont know you, but found your blog through a friends! And I Love learning and reading from others on there blogs! It helps me not only want to be a better mother to my boys, but also to be a better person! It helps having that outlet to learn from others. No one's life is perfect. And of course we dont blog about the bad things.. Just the Happy times. I get inspired by your blog. And I hope I can inspire from mine too. This is our modern day journal. We are doing what we are told to do! 🙂 Hope you dont mind I peak @ your blog!

  4. Well, I'm sure many have said much on your posts… but I figure ultimately your main goal is still there – to record your family's memories. If you're like me, your bad memories probably fade faster than the good ones, so what's the problem with a blog being the same. I don't necessarily want to read about everyone's problems anyway. lol that's just my two cents!! Everyone is responsible for their own reactions. You're not responsible for how others take your best intentions. You are awesome, Shawni. 🙂 Te iubesc!

  5. Hi Shawni,

    I'm inspired by blogs, too, and I love how you've written about the "power of moms" to change the world. So inspiring. You really do have a way with words, and you connect with other mothers so beautifully.

    I've been thinking a lot about that class at the Retreat, as well. I've just barely started my blog for Power of Moms, and I'm kind of scared to post anything because I'm so worried about how things will be read.

    It's true that we can't control others' interpretations or assumptions, but I also want to be sensitive to the fact that not everyone has a good husband, healthy children, financial stability, etc. I think it's wonderful how much you care about your readers and try to help them understand the iceberg principle.

    The best solution I've come up with (so far) is to focus on true principles–things that anyone can replicate, regardless of their health, finances, or family support. I think you have a talent for doing that (mentioning how you're trying to find the beauty in squished raisins is a perfect example).

    You're doing wonderful things–inspiring other mothers to love their families, take great photos, document important moments, and try to improve each day. I'm so glad I've had the chance to meet you. I keep getting this feeling that the work we're all doing is bigger than we understand. Please give Saren a hug for me, okay?


  6. Reminds me of something we tell our children – "There are no bad days, only bad moments in good days!" I can't remember where I heard it or I would credit them, but LOVE it!

  7. I have your blog and Sarah's blog at Clover Lane set as two of my home page tabs. Reading them is the first thing I do everyday when I get on the computer. Why? Why you two specifically? Because you are real. I find such wisdom in both of your posts. PLEASE don't ever apologize for anything you write. IT IS YOUR BLOG!!! It is for you and your family. Just because the medium is a public forum it is no different than you scribbling down in a journal and some stranger walking by and reading it. Don't justify, don't apologize, just keep doing what your doing and know that the vast majority of us peeping toms are grateful for you generousity of time and spirit!

    P.S. What I am jealous of is your ability to blog well! I have four kids 7 and under and I still can't seem to make time to get my own blog going. There I said it I have blog envy!

  8. missed a couple days of blogs and was shocked at the post… I hope that no one made you doubt your blogging…I do see it as real and inspiring! Keep doing it the way that you do. A positive attitude is a good thing!

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