It’s strange how life morphs gradually into new phases.

And after you’re there, sometimes it’s hard to even remember how it was before. Before that toddler could walk. Before the elementary school kids headed out the door and there are no more toddlers hanging on your legs. Before those children who are always supposed to be your babies spread their wings on to new heights and adventures. You leave the good things behind for other good things and life marches seamlessly on.

And on.

And then here we are, with glowing missionary in our midst. Right in our home.

And it’s pretty awesome. I wrote some feelings about Grace getting set apart as a missionary the morning before it actually happened (HERE). And I’ll write more about how the MTC is going tomorrow. But for today, let’s talk about that day when she got set apart.

Which feels like a long, long time ago already!

That morning when I wrote that blog post, I read those old posts I linked about Max being set apart. It brought me back to that time when I thought my world was going to swallow me whole letting Max leave. My first child, my only boy, two years looming ahead of us with minimal communication, our family world splitting up to never, ever be the same again. When Dave found me bawling in the corner of my closet one day I remember seeing so much worry in his eyes. I know this sounds dramatic but I was losing it and he knew it. It was one of those times I gained such a deep appreciation for priesthood blessings because Dave gave me a powerful one.

I marvel at how different things are now. Confined to a covid world with so much unknown out there, but having already had two other kids spread their wings, knowing Grace is so ready, and knowing she’ll be here for six more weeks as well as available for weekly calls if we want after she leaves. I can breathe. This is a strange new world but I really like it.

We decided to meet the rest of the family at Oreganos (our favorite family restaurant) for Grace’s last dinner before putting on that name tag. Despite being really pretty rushed for time, we were all just so happy. I think Dave was the instigator of this…he has so much power in his moods and it was a perfect little dinner before we got all dressed up to head to the church.

Being at the church was so different from when Max was set apart at home, everyone bawling their eyes out and everyone having the opportunity to share their testimonies. Yet somehow this new setting had it’s own kind of unique beauty to be there, across from Nana and Papa, and Josh, Max and Abby up on the big screen through Zoom (Elle and Lar missed it since it was so late and much later in Florida, but they got the whole run-down the next day).

Our church leader who led the meeting and gave the blessing and did such a beautiful job. He blessed Grace with safety, with the ability to truly speak with the spirit, and that wherever she ends up will be EXACTLY where she needs to be. She will be able to actually see her gifts and her talents expand as she serves others, builds her testimony, and shares her Christ-like love.

We came home, everyone glowing with happiness, basked in that new missionary for a little bit…

…and headed to bed in preparation for that first early morning of real-life missionary business that would be greeting Grace the next day.

Exciting times over here.

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  1. Ooh I loved getting that name tag!!! She will be an excellent missionary I have no doubts. I loved that he said in the blessing that she will serve exactly where she is supposed to, so comforting for missionaries and their mommas!

  2. Such a special time. I’m so excited for her. I couldn’t help but notice Grace’s Doc Martin Mary Janes. I had the exact ones… 25 years ago. So wish I would’ve held on to them.

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