This was the scene at 6:30 scriptures last week:
Just one of many scenes just like this, every day…bleary-eyed and sleepy, but those poses that morning in particular reminded me so much of this painting I had to snap a picture and go look it up:The Dreamers | Art UK


I’m grateful for those beautiful “sleepers” of mine.

And I’m grateful that today they got to stay asleep in their beds instead of on the couch (except for Claire who was asleep in the game room with her cousins who slept over, but you get the idea).

Happy President’s Day!


  1. Could you please explain to me the point of this? Are they learning subliminally? Is it just so you can say you did it?

    Also, please. From one mom to another- let Max have some peace. He’s home. He will not be for long if you and your family continue to smother him. He’s a grown man. Let him be.

    1. Geesh, there really is no need. Agree or disagree with what is said on this blog. But seriously, past saying, "I don't agree", there really isn't anything more you need to add. Be kind, nothing more.

  2. Seems like following these kinds of Morman rules/expectations are very important to you and Dave. Seems tricky to not let the "letter of the law" get in the way of the "spirit of the law."

  3. Ha! I can totally see how what I say, especially in this post, may lead you to believe we're just checking the box on this scripture dealio, and yes, everyone is tired in the mornings, that's just how early mornings work. But I should be clear that despite the tiredness I feel like this is kind of a sacred family time…ten minutes to connect with God in a way as a family just worked right into our day. I have actually a lot of thoughts I've been thinking about this that I'd love to share…I'll try to do it as a "Sunday pondering" this Sunday.

    1. Likely this is before they started. In other scripture photos they are all holding a book of scriptures. I doubt in the middle of it she put down her own scriptures and then took a picture and then went on with scriptures.

  4. Sometimes our mornings looks like this too, but my kids are always the first to question if we ever forget and are rushing out the door. They may seem tired but they miss scriptures more than 15mins extra sleep. Our family moments together drawing closer to the Lord are what helps them get through their day not an extra 15mins sleep. And it helps me know I have helped them put on their armour for the day.
    Love your posts shawni

  5. What a great picture- I love seeing how the photo relates to the art. Thank you! It's so important to build habits and forge connections, even if it's inconvenient.

  6. Know what I love about this post? In a world so desperately in need of love, kindness, forgiveness, humility, patience, and gentleness… here we have a family who is seeking (however imperfectly) to draw their children nearer to God… a God who teaches all of these beautiful things. Surely, even those who question various religious practices can see how children whose parents are sincerely and consistently trying to impart these kinds of God-inspired teachings will be a strength to society. Let us applaud ANY family practices that seek to launch children into society who have been taught goodness!

  7. We had early morning scripture reading in my family growing up. We started at 5:30 in the morning so we could make it to 6:00 seminary. Truthfully, I wasn't always the most attentive, but that time with my family diving in the scriptures, means the world to me today. The habit of doing it everyday plus my parent's dedication to it happening so early helped me realize then how important the scriptures were in our lives. There are tidbits of things we discussed or I heard my dad say that have come back to me in times of need. So even though I didn't look the part of the most attentive participant, it certainly sunk in, and I am truly grateful for it. That is one thing I love about the things we do with our children that are important to us, they don't have to be or look perfect to be effective!

  8. Love your comment Brooke. I feel so grateful that my parents made scripture study a priority no matter how imperfect it looked. That they did it period has been a huge life lesson to me and the bits that stuck, are the best memories.

    I’m also impressed if there are parents in this world who never have their children do things they aren’t 100% into doing every single time. 🙂

    Love that art/photo similarity! Cute!

  9. We read scriptures as a family with a toddler. As parents, we choose to practice family scripture study. My three year old often doesn't listen, and is running around, and that's his choice. I don't care! I won't force him to listen to us read the scriptures. It's the example, the routine that matters to me. I still feel blessed for our efforts in scripture study, even though we're just reading "at him".

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