1)  Right now Max, Abby, Elle are off working, Grace is on her senior trip, Claire and Lucy are at Girls’ Camp, and Dave and I have our house all to ourselves for the first time in nearly twenty-two years.  Of course we miss everyone and we’ll be happy to see them again, but I’m not going to lie, we are having a pretty grand time 😉

Leading up to camp I have been so worried about Lucy, but from all reports she is doing fabulously with some help from her big sister (oh how I adore that Claire…and also her friends and leaders) which makes this time for me and Dave extra sweet.

(that last pic is from our 7.5 mile hike in the heat yesterday…yikes but I was smiling ear to ear)
2)  The increase of problems in mental health seem to be growing exponentially.  Depression and anxiety seem to be becoming the “new normal” in so many ways, creeping into the crevices of so much of life, affecting so many.  There are so many who are crippled by these debilitating illnesses and have nowhere to turn.  No light at the end of the tunnel.
This is something I worry about so much since it has affected some of those closest to us.  
Which makes me so happy to share this new organization my sister-in-law is trying to help with called “Lives Unencumbered” that is working to help those in need in a new way.
The website is HERE.  
Here is a video explaining what they are doing and the gravity and depth of the situation:

They are working to raise one million dollars in one month to change the face of dealing with mental illness.  Please check out how you can help HERE.

So grateful for causes like this that have the power to help so many.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. Well said… ! I want to learn more! So many families are affected by this and it is true the care is "fractured," and mostly ineffective. As a society we need more support, understanding and awareness! We need more research!

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