I had to laugh when I saw this picture come through on Instagram the other day.

Not because it was funny, (it is gorgeous don’t you think?) but I laughed because in some little tiny fraction of a way it reminded me of my wedding.

I mean, doesn’t this picture look about exactly the same??

HA!  Lots of “ha’s”!

But I do look back at my wedding and laugh in this day of Pinterest and internet ideas spilling out, because the only thing I cared about, in the middle of finals and relatively fresh from my mission was that all those pretty ladies wore those fake ivy wreaths on their heads.  And the “gunny sack” dresses.
But hey it was the 90’s.  And that picture on Instagram made me realize maybe my mom and I didn’t do a half-bad job after all with our “first wedding.” 😉

I loved my wedding, btw.  So crazy that so many of my friends have kids getting married now.  How did that happen??

Just a little thought for a Friday 🙂

Happy weekend!


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