I have no idea where to start documenting wedding/Christmas so I’m going to start on the day all the out-of-town guests were arriving.

Dave’s cousin Kara (who I call my cousin too, and who happens to be a dear friend of mine), threw a bridal shower for Abby at her sister Heather’s home (who is also a dear friend I love).  These ladies are amazing.  I mean, Christmas is crazy enough as it is without throwing a bridal shower into the midst of it.  They both have 794 big things on their plates but they insisted on making this happen and it was a pretty awesome morning. 

It was such a great way for so many mixing family members to be together and get to know each other in such a beautiful spot.

Everyone invited offered to help, so the food was bounteous and delicious, the gifts were so nice, and the company was the best 🙂   I was amazed and often overcome to the point of tears during the course of this whole wedding deal at all the generosity spilling out to help two kids start off in their life together.  
I have kind of random pictures of different groups who came, but here’s a bunch of people who were here from Dave’s side (including the party planners/hostess):

 …a bunch from Abby’s side:

I’m so mad I didn’t ever get one of my side of the family who were there.  My three sisters plus a baby plus my mom and one sister-in-law with her baby AND two nieces got here in time for the shower.  I’m so glad we all got to share this!…and here’s at least a partial representation of that group from our walk earlier that morning:
There we go.  Now I feel better.  But just envision the two cute babies and my sis-in-law and two nieces too!
All four grandmothers were there…look at these beauties:
Such good friends…all came and showered love on me as well as Max and Abby.  
Love them so much!
Five of these friends below have married kids so man alive, they were so helpful with every little question I had.  Kind of fun to be mother-in-laws together:) 

Love them all so much!

And see this lady in the middle below?

 Gosh I love her.  That’s how her face looks in every social situation.  She just exudes light and interest in everyone around her.

 And this Hawaii girl?

 Oh boy, loved having her around.

The wedding was in the middle of finals at the high school, so Grace and Claire didn’t get to come, gosh darn it!  They had to sit in finals instead, poor girls.  But we felt their bright spirits there right along with everyone else.

 Max showed up at the end…

All the grandmothers plus mothers:


And moms just loving this girl up.

Love that Sarah (Abby’s mom)…she is the best.  And let’s just take one more look of that guest of honor there in the middle.  She’s my daughter-in-law.  How crazy is that??  Love you Abigail!


  1. I lost your blog for a month! A whole month only to come back tonight & see your son looks like a grown man and is married. Tears! Your whole family brings a smile to my face when I read your blog posts. Congrats!

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