Growing up my dad was a pro at the guilt trip routine.

And he’s passed that “skill” on to his daughter (much to her childrens’ chagrin…ha!)

So it was good to give him a little of his own medicine to get him (and my mom) down to the desert for a weekend.

Ok, I didn’t have to guilt trip them really, (we just like to give my dad the business about that every now and again about that), but I did remind them that Claire and Lucy were due for some grandparent dates (they are the best at that), and my brother Josh had his annual end-of-the-year party.

So they jumped at the chance to join in the end of school nuttiness around here.

Oh we sure love these guys!

They took the kids on dates, Dave and I took them on our own date to sushi, my dad whipped me into shape on the tennis court, watched Claire’s volleyball games streaming through on our phones, and we got to talk, talk, talk.

My brother always has his end-of-the year party over here and we LOVE it. So fun to get to know all those awesome kids he’s put his heart and soul into teaching all year, and to meet their parents. Makes it extra fun that they have so many glowing stories about Josh and how he’s changed their children’s lives.

For real.

I know I’m biased, but I really think he might be the best third-turned-fourth grade teacher there ever was (he got to “move up” with his third grade class from last year because of Covid…we didn’t get to have a party last year when everything was closed down).

So it was so great to have everyone back filling up the back yard:

Josh and my dad were flipping hamburgers for everyone, my mom keeping everything humming.

Well, let’s be honest, Josh is the one who always keeps everything humming. He’s incredible at organizing and executing all this fun on this day.

At the end everyone gathered around for the best slide show of both years:

My parents gave each family one of their books (Teaching Children Responsibility that has a picture of Josh when he was about their age on the cover…at least the old versions do).

It was a great night.

We were sad to let these two go the next day, but so grateful for their visit.

…and the power of a little mini guilt trip:)

Love them forever.

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