A Place Called Home is the last book I read for book club:

I have since missed a couple because I’ve let other things get in the way lately. Phew!

But I wanted to share this book because it has given me lots to think about. It’s a real-life memoir by David Ambroz about his life growing up living on the streets of New York City. He wanders with his two siblings and his mother who battles mental illness. Then he is finally taken into a variety of different foster care homes. Beware that it is a rough book. It is not shiny. But I love a book that will take me so far into someone else’s world. Especially when they come out triumphant.

I love to learn where people are coming from.

How so many times people can come out valiant from even the most harrowing experiences.

The power of the human soul.

Things I’ve been thinking about:

  • The plight of homelessness and what can we do about it? The author has some thoughts about how to revamp the foster care system since he experienced it on a few different levels.
  • The beauty of forgiveness. Despite the grueling things he went through, David Ambroz speaks kindly not only about his abusive mother, but about those who “were just trying their best” in his foster families.
  • The nature vs. nurture controversy. How human nature would lead you to believe someone in that type of situation would most surely fail. Yet he keeps seeking the good.
  • The power of a strong family. Although this wasn’t in the book, it made me feel incredibly grateful for strong families and how they can change the world.

Yes it’s a memoir. Dave tells me that of course the authors of memoirs are going to make themselves look good! Ha! But this book is humbly written, someone who is still on the path for learning to be better and do better.

So thank you, David Ambroz, for making me think. And creating a bigger spot in my heart for those who may not have the capacity to pull themselves out of the trenches.

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  1. I can’t wait to read this! I’m on my way to London, luxuriating with time to catch up on so much that I’ve missed!

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