An American flag in the sand on the 4th of July

Welp, I’m a day late and a dollar short to post about the 4th. A whole post about what we did on that grand day is coming. But somehow I cannot post about the “fluff” of that holiday without a post specifically about my gratitude. Some thoughts about “founders” who pave the way.

It’s so easy to get fussed about the hoopla of holidays sometimes. And to forget what in the world they’re really all about. (My sister has an awesome guide to help kids learn the significance of the 4th of July that I love.)

How grateful I am for those amazing Founding Fathers and all the trouble they went through to set up this great land of ours all those years ago.

Imperfect people coming together to create a land where people can grow and become in their own unique ways.

Did they do everything perfectly? Nope. Were they perfect people? Nope again.

But as I thought yesterday about what took place to create this nation all those years ago, I was flooded not only with gratitude for those who made the tremendous sacrifices they made to pave the way for all of us.

But also with gratitude for those who still make sacrifices.

Every single day.

Trying to pave the way for future generations.

“Founders” who pave new ways to make life better

In their own ways they are carrying on that tradition started by those Founding Fathers.

The tradition of decency.

Trying to take the thoughts and feelings of everyone, not just those who think like they do, into their hearts.

Of looking out for the common good.

Oh, they may not be founding a new country, of course.

But they are founders. Whether it is forgiving a wrong that has split apart a family, or standing up for what is right when it’s a lonely job, or fortifying a family when they didn’t have the best of examples of that growing up.

Yes, they are founders.

THANK YOU to all the founders out there.

You are making the world a better place.

And thank you, Dear Founding Fathers, for making America a “land of the free.”

“The home of the brave.”

May we bravely go forward and continue the work they began.

Creating “brotherhood” from sea to shining sea.
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  1. Such a Great post!!!!! And I loved the guide about the Fourth of July . Thankyou so much for recognizing America, and our Founding Fathers. “land of the free”

  2. A Founder establishes something new. The something new is self government and no King. Is it a Mormon think turning Memorial Day into Mother’s Day and now the 4th of July into anyone being a Founder of the USA? It is okay to observe the 4th of July.

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