This week has been a doozey I tell you.  And it’s only Thursday.
In three days we had three of us go under anesthesia.
On Monday, bright and early Bo and I headed in to the doctor.  Because the time had come to get her spayed.  (We signed this contract that we’d do that when we got her from the breeder.)
Poor pup has been walking around like this ever since, and it’s sure put a little bit of a damper on her spirit!

Elle, after visiting our good friend dentist in Utah last week to figure out what was causing all that commotion of pain in her mouth, found out that she was getting all that pressure from wisdom teeth.

And they needed to come out.

So on Tuesday morning out they came.

And we thanked our lucky stars once again for our oral surgeon Paul Kelly, who is the best of the best, and who also happens to be married to Dave’s cousin.

It just so happened that Elle’s cousin was getting her wisdom teeth out the very same morning.

…and that Claire’s cousins happened to spend the night the night before so those fresh-wisdom-teeth-less cousins had quite the audience when they came out from under the anesthesia since we all went to pick them up:


Then on Wednesday Lu and I headed to the hospital bright and early to finally get her MRIs taken care of.

I say finally because I’m telling you what: getting orders from two different doctors for three different procedures and coordinating with them and the facilities they associate with to combine all those things are not for the weak of heart.

And then trying to coordinate all that with insurance was a whole other story of frustration.

BUT we are DONE, and I’m anxious to hear what the doctors have to say about that.

Here’s our brave girl in her special hospital pjs heading in to get the procedures done:

On top of that we had three dentist appointments and seven cavities filled among us…

Yep, we’re knocking it out this week I tell you!


    1. The socks should have traction no matter how you put them on, they work both ways. Traction is both on the top and bottom.

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