********** this give-away is now closed and winner has been selected**********

I get to do a new give-away each week for the next three weeks.

I feel so lucky to have generous readers offering to give away some pretty awesome stuff.

The give-away this week is $200 credit to pick from amazingly chic swim suits or fitness clothing at a company called Albion Fit (check it out here).

It features tennis wear and super well-made, comfortable swimwear.

Company philosophy from the founder:  “All of our swims are modest and sophisticated and make women feel comfortable and beautiful. We use fun techniques like ruching to cover up areas that women might want to keep a bit under wraps, and all or fabrics have great compression features, removable bra cups, and the suits last forever.  All our fitness items use the nicest fabrics on the market.  They all have wicking features, anti-microbial so they won’t get smelly, and have great compression features.” 

Their flagship store just opened at the beautiful City Creek Mall in Salt Lake City, which is kind of cool.

I got my own polka dot swim suit to test out if it lives up to the hype and man alive I really love it.  Here I am wearing it:

Screen Shot 2013-05-14 at 10.52.38 PM
I know, I look super young, right? 


I just figured you’d rather see that cute girl wearing it than me.

There are some really cool vintage-y swims on there along with some funky ones and classic ones…I love the styles.

But let’s get to the fitness wear because the lovely tennis-playing Elle gets to model that:2013-05-14 misc. 75422
…and she’s a cutie.2013-05-14 misc. 75440We LOVE that skirt.  Is it not so darn cute?  It’s called the “Match Point Pleat Skirt.”

And Elle is gonna be so mad at me for posting this one…but I couldn’t resist.2013-05-14 misc. 75423
I love the ruching on the tank:2013-05-14 misc. 75436(It’s called the “love racer” tank.)

Love this skirt too…love that it has pockets.2013-05-14 misc. 75443(Let’s just be glad those shoes aren’t going to be given away…except to the garbage can…)

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  There is SO much stuff on that site.  Things you are going to be drooling to have.  So here’s how you enter to win a wad of cash ($200) to spend on whatever your heart desires over there on albionfit.com. 

There are three ways to enter and you can do all three if you’d like extra chances:

1. Like albionfitness on FB (here).  Then come back and enter a comment.

2. Go to albionfit.com and pin your favorite item on Pinterest.  Come back and leave a comment that that deed is done.

3. Leave a comment about that favorite thing that you pinned back here.

I’ll announce the winner Friday morning.

Love, Shawni

********** this give-away is now closed and winner has been selected**********


  1. I liked them on FB. I really like the lover racer tops. I am a runner and would love some of them for the summer months when I can shed the layers!

  2. Pinned the Blousy suit – this would be perfect for my post-baby weight and would work currently while I'm in the early stages of pregnancy. 😉 So cute!

  3. I pinned the Jaw Dropper, Black and Emerald Green suit! So perfect. My best friend is getting married and the wedding party is going to Atlantic City as a joint bach/bachelorette party. I'm taking it as my chance to really get back into shape and this suit would be an awesome goal to work towards 🙂

  4. Had 3 babies in the last two years! Would love the CRISS CROSS SUIT – the full coverage and modesty I've been looking for!! Just started running too – would love a new little something to help encourage the running! Cute running is WAY better than not-cute running 🙂

  5. comment no. 3– I also love that white tunic dress. I think it would be great over one of their navy suits! great intro to a good looking company. thanks, shawni!

  6. I am loving everything they have, of course I liked them on facebook! Crossing my fingers, I could really use a new suit!

  7. i liked them on facebook and i am sure i will have a hard time pinning just one thing on pinterest. Excited to scan the new styles. And Elle is too cute in the tennis gear!

  8. Would love to buy a swimsuit from them because we will actually be doing a lot of swimming this year. I liked the blousy suit because it's different. So fun!

  9. I love the Gown Suit in either color- Poppy or Charcoal! Maybe both 😀

    I also love the Love Racer in Coral. Oh man! So many cute things!

    I would love to win something to help me get back to my pre-pregnancy body!

  10. I absolutely LOVE the poppy gown suit. I've been looking to buy a new suit for a long time so this would be perfect! The poppy gown was the one I pinned 🙂

  11. Yep, I see enough frills on those tops to help out this mama who has nursed lots of babies :). I'm sold! Thanks. (I liked on FB)

  12. #3: I pinned the Optimum Capris! In all honesty, until recently I've never been one to exercise, then decided to make a change for myself and to set an example for my children…so this Spring I did my first 5k–and my eldest child (6 yrs old) ran with! And just last week I started Kickboxing! I love doing "fun" forms of exercise, and these capris from Albion Fitness would be perfect for my new workouts! Thanks for the opportunity to win a fantastic prize!

  13. I love the black and emerald green suit! Really I love that they make such obviously high-quality, modest one-piece suits! I'd love to win one of them!

  14. If I was on Pinterest (I know, I know, maybe one day I'll be cool, ha ha 🙂 I would've pinned the Poppy Gown suit, the black/emerald green, or the charcoal zig zag one. So many cutes ones to choose from!!!

  15. Wow, super cute styles! I absolutely love the classy look of the Jaw Dropper Black and Emerald Suit, and the tennis outfits are perfect for summer matches at sunset! I've liked, pinned and posted but I'll reserve my comment to one post 🙂

  16. Blousy swim tops? Yes, please! Pinned and I'm off to pin the adorable Criss Cross Suite, but i can't decide if I like Chino or Yellow more.

    Such a fan!

  17. So i pinned the grey racer back tank. the white details look great. i think this will be my new go- to site for athletic wear. thank you so much for introducing me to it!

  18. i think i just might pin the pleat skirt as well, something that cute is for sure to motivate me to get my tennis racquet out now that it is finally warm here in Ohio!!

  19. I pinned the cute black and tan suit, it's adorable. I'm getting older but still feel really young so maybe I should transition into a suit like this 🙂

  20. Love the Blousy Suit and podka dot options–even if I don't win…love the site..thanks, Shawni

  21. Love the ruffle suite in apple red! It's the perfect shade of red with a glistening sheen to it. This is such a great giveaway!

  22. I liked them on FB and desperately need a new swim suit!! Plus I just got into the St. George Marathon so will need new training clothes too! 🙂 PLEASE pick me!!! 🙂

  23. It is hard to pick a favorite! I really love the jaw dropper emerald and navy suit. I also love the sports wear, maybe this would motivate me to exercise!

  24. I liked them on facebook! I tried to pin the Navy Blousy suit, but it kept bringing up a random picture on pinterest. Too bad. I really liked that one, and wanted to pin it.

  25. i pinned the gown suit in navy because it has just enough femininity without overdoing the ruffles! i also like navy because it's an updated alternative to black!

  26. Love the Zig and Zag swimsuit in Charcoal. I pinned it but I don't have facebook 🙁 Gave it up last week to spend more time with my family.
    Thanks for the chance Shawni!

  27. Now I need to go back and check out the tennis clothes! My best friend and I have decided to take lessons this summer… I got a yard-sale racket, but I have nothing to wear. I LOVE the skirt Elle is wearing!

  28. I like them on facebook. Cute suits! I need a new one since I lost 40 pounds last year, but I was waiting until this summer until I'm closer to my goal. =) I'd love to win!

  29. I picked the yellow crisscross suit because I like the style and that the top is high. With four kids, I like extra coverage because I'm always bending down and don't like to be worried about that.

  30. Liked them on facebook! I have been looking for cute, modest suits and I love that they have a ton to choose from. Great workout clothes as well!

  31. I pinned the Emerald Green Blousy suit! LOVED it! I haven't had a new suit in YEARS!!! I also liked it on FB and am going to pass it on to my girlfriend who plays tennis! SHE is going to LOVE This!!! Thanks a ton!

  32. I pinned the sweet stripe full zip coral and grey jacket….it's super cute! And i agree with some other people it was super hard to just pin one thing!

  33. I pinned the sweet stripe jacket in coral and grey…I love this jacket, and I live in Randolph, UT (only 30 miles from Bear Lake!!) and it gets really chilly here, even in the late summer and early fall, but I love running outside as much as I can until the snow hits and this jacket would be perfect. I would love to win!!

  34. I love the Gown Suit in Charcoal, and tried to pin it but the pin kept showing up as a standard image?

    Anyway, liked them on FB, tried to pin and LOVE that suit. So cute and appropriate for summer.

  35. Oh, I also pinned the Criss Cross Swimsuit in Black. I just love that it modesty covers the chest. I have the hardest time finding a suit that doesn't leave "the girls" hanging out all over the place. While some might like that look, I prefer to save that view for my hubby! 😉

  36. I love this stuff? So gorgeous, and some of the vintage styles are stunning! I did all three, but am guessing I need to leave three separate comments? I like them on facebook!

  37. My favourite thing on their site that I pinned is the plum criss cross suit because it is so different and looks really flattering. Love that colour too!

  38. I liked Albion fit and absolutely love their swimsuits and fitness clothing. I'm working out more and it would be great to have some cute workout clothes instead of my usual baggy t-shirts.

    -Ashley D.

  39. I've liked them on FB for awhile and longer in real life. I bought some capris a few years ago by Albion through Shabby Apple and they've been the best!

  40. I really like the zig and zag swimsuit- love the rouched sides since it helps hide the post-baby-ness of my mid-section! 🙂 I also really like the elegance of the crisscross suit in chino. It's so sophisticated!

  41. My favorite item was the Marigold Bikini top. I love retro bikinis because they fit my body better than any other type of swimsuit. I'm well endowed so I love that there's a cute suit available with padding and an underwire!

    -Ashley D.

  42. I pinned the yellow polka dot swim suit because it just says "SUMMER" to me. Loved it. But their other suits are just as darling! Would love, love, love to win one.

  43. I pinned the super cute bathing suit, the "gown suit" in the pretty color Poppy. I love that Its a modest suit but I'll still feel gorgeous at the beach with my friends! (And I don't have to worry about skimpy bikinis untying or slipping!:) thanks so much for introducing me to this brand!

  44. The blousy suit is pretty genius.
    I'm not in the habit of winning things, but in case you want to change that:
    shookmings at yahoo dot com.
    Have a lovely week!

  45. Just love all the swim suit and sporty stuff. I'm participating in my first Sprint Triathlon and I'd LOVE to have some of the cute Albion Fit clothes to wear!!!

  46. The suit I pinned is so flattering the way it wraps at the smallest part of the waist. I love the femininity the bow adds as well.

  47. There are so many cute things to choose from its hard to pick a favorite!! A new swimsuit would be wonderful and I have my eye on the one piece chevron! So cute! Also I am starting training for my first half marathon! I am in need of some new running tops and albion fit has the cutest ones! The one Elle was wearing is sooo cute!! Thanks for doing this giveaway!!

  48. There are so many cute things to choose from its hard to pick a favorite!! A new swimsuit would be wonderful and I have my eye on the one piece chevron! So cute! Also I am starting training for my first half marathon! I am in need of some new running tops and albion fit has the cutest ones! The one Elle was wearing is sooo cute!! Thanks for doing this giveaway!!

  49. And here's my comment: Thanks for introducing me to a great store! I love that they promote modest suits!!! And they're super cute. We don't allow bikinis in our house so having three girls, it will probably be a battle some day!

  50. Liked on fb and pinned the gorgeous Midnight Black Dip swimsuit. Love the simplicity of black and whie and love the ruffles, so fun and flattering!

  51. My favorite suit that I pinned is the gown suite in charcoal and/or navy!! The funny thing is I had already had this suit pinned on my style board before I even read about your giveaway. Such classic, beautiful styles! Thanks for the giveaway!

  52. I pinned a bunch of things! Loved the silver ruffle one piece and many others! I also play Tennis and the tennis clothes are darling! I would love to show up in a new Pink,, grey and white tennis outfit!
    Thanks for showing me this company!

  53. I pinned the adorable Jaw Dropper Emerald Green swimming suit! I have recently lost 25 pounds (all my baby weight!) And want to look HOT this summer, so this suit would be perfection!

  54. I pinned the bermudas but also love the capris and the racer tops…as you can see I am in desperate need of some cute comfy and stylish work out clothes!! Hoping it will motivate me more! =)

  55. I pinned the Blousy Suit in Emerald Green. It is such a different style and almost looks like an outfit which I really like. All of their stuff is awesome!

  56. I pinned the gown suit in poppy. I love the material it's made out of and the little ruffle near the strap gives it a nice, feminine touch.

  57. I've discovered that I really love everything on this site! I only pinned tennis clothes, because I want a cute new outfit to play in this summer (and to practice in later on during the fall).I really love the way the skirt looks, and the colors are amazing!

  58. I pinned the Charcoal swimsuit – I love how one-pieces are coming back in. I finally fit in them – growing up the only ones I could find had the saggy bottom … blah! After having kids, I *have* a bottom so the suits fit!


  59. My favorite is the Uline top in white and heather gray. I love it! I'm only (slightly) tan this time of year because I'm a red head. Summer is the only time of year I can get by with having white tops look ok against my usual pale skin. I would love to have it!

  60. I already "liked" them on Facebook before this post. Does it still count? I am just getting into tennis and need to stock up on some tennis clothes.

  61. I pinned the "rainbow skirt" in white, pink, and heather gray. Seriously…I love the swimwear as well and I have a few Lake Powell and Flaming Gorge trips coming up. It's hard to narrow it down to one item 🙂

  62. I "liked" Albion Fit's fb page, pinned my favorite on pinterest, but honestly might have to do more browsing to pick my absolute favorite :), and wanted to comment about how cute Elle looks in the tennis gear! I want to take up tennis just to buy the clothes! LOL Thanks for the chance to win – I'd love a new suit!!!

  63. So cute! Love those photos! She's a natural. I really like the style of the Albion Fit line also. I like Albion Fit on Facebook (Amber H)

    shevilkenevil1 at aol dot com

  64. I adore the So Meshed Suit, the pretty navy color and the ruched design, makes this suit look really comfy but also super stylish! 🙂

    shevilkenevil1 at aol dot com

  65. I love a ton of items from their site, including the Go Long crew for post-workout chills. Thanks for the intro to Albion!

  66. LOVE! Everything is modest AND cute…I will definitely remember this site! I liked on Facebook and pinned my favorite suit-the Show Stopper Black and White- on Pinterest. I love the colors but my favorite part is the bow. Now their tennis apparel awaits me…

  67. Liked them on FB and am in LOVE with all the modest swimsuits!! So many great things to choose from- can't just choose one to pin!

  68. Totally tried on the blousy suit top in green when they first opened and didn't buy it. I kid you not, I think about that suit every time I put on a swimsuit! So I'd love to win. And I'd finally buy that suit. But in navy.

  69. WOW! I want this more than any giveaway I've ever wanted, because I actually NEED a new swimsuit (literally – I don't have one at all!) So I am SO excited for this giveaway!! I liked them on Facebook!

  70. I have liked Albion Fit on Facebook for a while now! I live in Utah and it is a great store, just wish I had money so I could actually buy something! (:

  71. I pinned my favorite!! 🙂 This took FOREVER to choose, as there are SO many suits I absolutely LOVE! I would be happy with almost any of their suits, really! 🙂

  72. I love a lot of their stuff right now but I pinned the Jaw Dropper Black and Green suit! It's definitely my favorite suit they have in right now! (:

  73. My favorite is the petal suit in red – fabulous!!! Thanks so much for the fun giveaway!! I am even willing to split it with another person so we can both get a new suit! 🙂

  74. My favorite is the petal suit in red – fabulous!!! Thanks so much for the fun giveaway!! I am even willing to split it with another person so we can both get a new suit! 🙂

  75. I really like the one-piece swimsuits but unfortunately do not have a FB or Pinterest I can use. I would still love to enter the contest, if that is possible, though! I am a high school cross country runner and need some new tops, and also some new swimsuits. I love reading your blog and check in every day to see if there are any new posts. You are such a great example to me, Shawni.

  76. Shawni-
    I am a high school cross country runner about Elle's age. I love your blog and giveaways, but unfortunately I do not have a Facebook or Pinterest I can use to enter the giveaway. I love running and need some new tanks, but I also love the swimsuits on this website! I hope that even though I cannot use Facebook or Pinterest I still have a chance to win this giveaway.

  77. Liked on Facebook, love the swim suits and the work out gear would love to have some cute work out attire to keep me motivated. As a single mom of 2 I never by myself anything unless it's super onsale. Love the site thanks for sharing.

  78. Liked on Facebook, love everything!!! As a single mom of 2 I don't buy myself much so this would be AWESOME and I would love some cute work out clothes to keep me motivated to keep loosing weight.

  79. I liked them on Facebook. I love just about everything on their website! But my favorite was the Love Racer in silver, and the stripe swimming suit with great red tie. 🙂

  80. Love that wrap skirt for on or off court. Would be great to replace my worn out running shorts to wear running errands.

  81. I need a new swimsuit this year and live this suit in this color! So pretty!!! I can't wait to wear it to the pool this summer!

  82. My crazy self is running a half marathon at the end of July, and I think one of the best motivators to work out is cute work out clothes. I'm loving that love racer tank…especially in silver with that white stitching.