I’m not sure any teenager in the history of the planet has been as excited to get her driving license as our dear #3 child is.  
And I’m pretty sure no other teenager has pestered her parents as much to practice for that thing.  She asks all about every street sign, directions, how all the ins and outs of every driving rule works, and she studied for the permit test like nobody’s business.
Here in the desert you can get your permit six months before you turn sixteen.  Six months to the day.
Unfortunately on timing we were in Utah picking out a puppy on her half-birthday (December 26th).  
She was pretty ok with that because hey, she was pretty over-the-moon about that puppy, but she whipped us right into shape to get her down to the DMV the minute we got home so she could test for that thing.  
We decided she might need a cheering section, so Dave, Elle and I all went along to offer our moral support.
After practicing her heart out on all the tests on the Internet she passed that permit test…

 …and drove us on home with a gigantic smile across her face.

Yep, we’re in for some fun with that girl.

We decided to go out to dinner to celebrate:

I kid, that was actually just the only time we could get all our girls together to celebrate New Years so we celebrated both big-deal-things together.  Of course, Grace drove me there…and did a perfect parallel parking job right outside the front door 😉  (She can only drive with an adult in the car and limited passengers until she gets the real-deal thing.)

Within the first couple days she had driven everywhere, including logging in hours on the freeway to get to the airport to pick up her cousin and to a hike she, Claire and I decided to go on.

And I have to say, that girl of ours is a pretty good driver.

Now to go knock on wood…

We are all pretty excited to have another driver around here.

Go Grace!


  1. So does she have her ' real licence ' or is this like a learners. . I'm so confused lol
    In canada we have to be 14 to get the learner's and 16 before you get your license. In england we had to be 17 to get your learners but could get your real licence the same day. . Not that may do we all take professional lessons lol

    1. Yes kids here can get their "learner's permit" at 15.5 years old to practice for the real thing they can get when they turn 16. So Grace can drive with an adult in the car at this point.

  2. Okay thank you lol
    I live in Canada now and you have to be only 14 to get your learners. . 14.. I see kids behind the wheel with their parents and I think. . Are you even old enough to cross the street without holding your mom's hand. . Lol

  3. i think this depends on province. Im in Ontario and you definitely need to be 16 to get a learner's permit (called a G1). Then a year later (or 8 months if you take lessons), you can do a road test and get your G2 (with a G2 you dont need a licensed driver in the car, but there are some limitations and curfews I think). After another year you can get a full G license, which is just another road test

  4. Go Grace!! Good job! In Alaska you get your learner's permit at age 14 and your license at age 16. Once you get your license you have a 6-month "probation" period where you can drive alone or with siblings or parents but no one else (no friends, cousins, etc.) I understand it but it's kind of a pain for kids and the parents!

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