The following is an email follow-up that Claire and Lucy are sending out today to those who came to our Children for Children concert back in November (HERE and HERE). We wanted to add it here too since so many donated from this little spot on the internet and we are so very GRATEFUL, as are the children you helped these kids raise money to give clean water and education.

So here’s the email:

Hello! We know the Children for Children concert was a long time ago, but we would like to send out a huge THANK YOU to everyone who came to the concert, performed, and donated money to help those in need over in Uganda.  

Because of YOU, we were able to help raise $3,751, which will be matched by the our family foundation to make a grand total of $7,502.  The funds you helped raise will be used to create two boreholes (these will give water for LIFE for up to 2,000 people), 50 water filters (will provide clean drinking water for 50 families for up to twenty years), 40 sets of textbooks (including five different subjects, which the kids really need so they can learn more) and since there was a little bit extra they will use it to buy some desks (now that the school is almost finished, the kids really need desks so they don’t have to sit on the floor). 


We wanted to share a video that explains more about what this money will do to help the families over in Africa. We love this video and how it shows up close and personal how life over in Africa is, and how much these things will do to help the children have a better life. It would be a great Family Home Evening activity to watch with your kids and let them know that when they performed their talents, they helped make a difference!

We love you and we are so grateful for your help and love for these people we fell in love with last summer.

Love, Lucy & Claire

As a little addendum, Family Humanitarian, the organization we worked with in Uganda, has all their expeditions open for 2020. You can find them HERE. If you and your family are looking for a meaningful way to spend some family time this year, we sure think this is a wonderful way to do it.

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  1. Claire and Lucy! Thanks so much for your wonderful work on this Children for Children Concert! Just think how many lives you have touched, not only in raising funds to help Family Humanitarian but especially those lives you changed, including yours during your time in the village supported by Family Humanitarian! You are angels! Great job!

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