{This post somehow got “lost” and I have no idea where.  So I’m re-posting…} I know it’s strange to post about Bear Lake following directly after a post about “keeping it real” because in my opinion, Bear Lake is not “real life.”2012-07-10 summer 53858Bear Lake is my “happy place.”2012-07-10 summer 538742012-07-10 summer 538762012-07-10 summer 53906 Maybe our boat is more “real life”-ish…2012-07-10 summer 53938 It’s over twenty years old and is holding on by a thread with how much it has been worn into the ground over the years… But hey, if you have brothers like this one who can fix that thing up lickety-split each summer, who cares if it’s hanging on by a thread cause at least there’s a thread 🙂2012-07-16 waterskiing 55036 I love the long lazy days in the boat with people I love.2012-07-10 summer 539172012-07-16 waterskiing 550152012-07-17 summer 56596 Watching stuff like this:2012-07-16 waterskiing 550172012-07-10 summer 539222012-07-10 summer 539292012-07-10 summer 53937 Grace got up on one ski this year.2012-07-10 summer 53946Does she look surprised about that little fact? 2012-07-10 summer 53972 Great to have another slalom skier in the fam.2012-07-10 summer 53978 I love that the kids do not ever, ever, ever get bored at Bear Lake. 2012-07-11 Bear Lake 541772012-07-18 untitled 56022 There is always something to do.2012-07-18 untitled 560432012-07-10 summer 540242012-07-11 summer 54034 And I love the relationships that ensue up there.2012-07-12 Bear Lake 54195 Some day my children will realize how incredibly lucky they are to have these guys to dote on them and teach them things that will change their lives for the better through their examples.2012-07-14 Bear Lake 543462012-07-11 Bear Lake 541632012-07-14 Bear Lake 54390 And some day they will realize how lucky they were to get to care for and learn from all the sweet babies up there.2012-07-17 Bear Lake 55841 I love that my sisters and sis-in-laws take care of my kids as much as I do up there.2012-07-14 Bear Lake 54483 And I love that we take turns making huge quantities of good food and help each other out in the kitchen.2012-07-14 Bear Lake 54503 I love the sky.2012-07-14 summer 565652012-07-16 summer 565932012-07-10 summer 54026 I love that Lu actually got a real bed this year…and that she was a champion sleeper.2012-07-10 summer 56530 …and that you can wear your clothes to bed if you want (above) and pjs and slippers all day if that’s what you’re in the mood for.2012-07-12 summer 56543 I love “kid soup” after a long day at the beach.2012-07-13 Bear Lake 54204 But mostly, I just love having a chance to be together.2012-07-16 Kristi's pictures 55495…for an extended period of time. And that I like being together with these people I call my family.  2012-07-14 Bear Lake 54411I feel like the luckiest girl in the world when I’m at Bear Lake. Yes, Bear Lake is for sure my happy place.

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