I know I always seem to blog about beauty. The truth is, I can’t help it.

Let’s go ahead and blame/thank my Dad, who pointed out each and every minute detail of beauty for as long as I can remember.

Of course, now I do the same. Because that’s what daughters do…soak in parts of their parents. And noticing beauty is somehow entrenched.

My kids roll their eyes at me each time I tell them to “take a picture in their minds.” (Because, quite simply, as much as I’d like to, I really can’t stop and take a picture of every single thing that catches my eye, yet those beautiful things simply must at least be given a hallowed moment of appreciation.)

I wonder, did I shoot my Dad those same exasperated expressions each time he pointed out a new bright green shoot of grass bursting through the brown after a dull winter or the purples stretching across the sky on a particularly gorgeous evening? Maybe.

But boy howdy am I ever thankful now.
There’s something that just enriches life when you notice the little things.
Lucy and I took a little walk when we were in California.

I didn’t have my big camera, but sometimes my little point-and-shoot makes me happy on the macro setting.

Sweet Lucy was patient as could be with me as I stopped to soak in each small part of the gorgeous-ness that surrounded us.

I think part of my awe in what we saw seeped over to her too.
And I only hope that continues.

And that one day, far away from here and now, she will help her own children to feel that measure of gratitude… that precious gift given to me by my dear Dad.


  1. beautiful pics!!!!!! I love taking pictures just of flowers when I have them in the garden or in the house! they make such a pretty subject and they don't move or decide not to smile for you 🙂


  2. I must always be content with 'mental pictures', as my actual photography skills are severely lacking.
    Oh, to be able to take pictures as stunning as yours. *sigh*

  3. I do the same thing. Just yesterday, our 5 yr old son said, "momma, remember the other day when the pond flooded on to the street and the ducks were swimming in the street? well, we should have taken a picture so that we could always remember that." it was a very proud moment for me…he gets it! hopefully it will last haha

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