Elle is an entrepreneur. She and her friends have started a little dance/gymnastics class, and boy howdy, they’re excited about it. The only problem is that their only clients so far are Grace and Claire. She’s been begging me to put a link to her blog hoping she’ll get more kids coming. They do a pretty great job if I do say so myself. Click here (her blog) for more information and if you’re local, sign on up! She has to limit the class to 10 kids so let her know right away if you’re interested.

Max and Grace have blogs here and here too. I finally gave in to their begging since I realized it’s probably the best way for them to keep a journal. I love it. Max & Grace aren’t quite as great at updating theirs, but seriously, especially those beginning entries melt my heart. Max’s is focused on Lu, and Grace is focused on, well, Grace. Love to see what my kids come up with, and the best part is their comments to each other.

On a blogging note, does anyone know how to print out a blog? I heard that blurb.com is the way to go, but then I heard that it doesn’t do blogspot blogs any more. I’d LOVE any info. on that if anyone’s had success printing their blog…

One more thing. Even though I loved it, I couldn’t keep up with teaching classes each month at Blissful Living Studio. There’s just too much going on in my life right now. So I’m only doing classes quarterly. My next class is in March. I’m trying to decide whether to do: beginning photography, intermediate photography, or post-editing. Any requests?

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  1. I was just going to direct you to celia’s blog too!!

    About your classes…I completely understand how busy you are. My vote is for an intermediate photography class!! Sign me up!!

  2. I am looking for a printing place too so I’ll be back to see what info you get.
    If we lived closer I would sign up my girls to Elle’s class. That’s great!
    Shawni…would you ever consider doing an internet class..especially on post-editing? I am taking one today but man I would love to learn more from you.Hands down you are my fav photo blog!
    Anyway…great to catch up on all the updates and I am taking notes of some great tradtions that you guys do. Also I would like more info on Blissful Studios sometime and how it got started. I think that could be a great idea for around here. I’ll check out their site.
    Hope you guys are enjoying the AZ weather…about now every year is when I start to wonder about becoming a snowbird!

  3. my friend Celia taught me how to do it a way which is so easy. you open up your blog then minimize it, then open up word document then minimize it. Then highlight copy and paste the entries into word document. I just started doing it on Sunday and it’s so easy and fast and awesome. Apprently now I am reading your comments and your readers read Celia’s blog, so I guess just go there for better directions. Now I just need to find a place to publish it, because I want it bound into a book and I want the pictures to be high quality. So one has said lulu publishing it good. Not sure though

  4. I printed my blog through blurb and I LOVE it.
    However, two things: 1. They don’t print from blogspot at this time but I have been ASSURED (after a few very nasty emails) they’re working to fix this. Hopefully soon. 2. It did take a LONg time to format it according to my likes. Just something to be prepared for. If you find another place to print, please let me know!

  5. I’m glad you brought up blog printing! Definitely has been on my mind, too. I ended up doing a photo book for Tony for Christmas of our last year through Snapfish which was pretty easy to work with, but obviously not a blog printer. I’ll keep checking back on your readers’ ideas. Also, I loved how you said that Grace’s blog was about “well, Grace.” That made me laugh 🙂 Thanks for being a faithful blog reader, even to less-faithful blog writers! love ya 🙂

  6. I wish I did live nearby -but would sign up for one of your classes. I could really use some help with the camera.

    I stumbled across your blog somehow and am myself a Davis Co. girl (Bountiful) whose mother quoted your parent’s books like the bible. Actually, better than bible.

    They must be so proud of you and your beautiful family.

  7. I printed my 2007 blog with Blurb. Loved how it turned out, but it was time consuming and not an option anymore.

    I was invited to a focus group for a new company last week that launched their blog backing up service in December. They will begin printing blog books sometime next month. They were a sharp group of guys who assured me that their blog books will be top quality and very user friendly. They have been very successful so far with the blog backing up (which I’m doing with them).

    I have high hopes and plan to print my 2008 book with them as soon as they get it up next month. I told them if they do this right they will be millionaires…they thought I was joking – I wasn’t.

    Check them out at bloggled.com

  8. When is the class Shawni? I really want to come. My vote is beg. or int. I’m not sure which one I am. I love photography but am definitely “self-taught” and have never had a class. So probably beginning?? I love to take pictures and have enjoyed my Cannon Rebel for years. I just got the Nikon D90 for Christmas and am really liking it–but I would LOVE and benefit from your instrucion. I know there’s SO much for me to learn. When’s the date??

  9. Hey Shawnie! I just wanted to say hi and let you know how much we LOVE reading your blog! It is so fun to peek in on the fam from time to time. We missed you guys this year at the annual New Years bash! Love you all!

  10. Hi there, I’m a friend of Ashley Eyre and she asked me to leave a comment on your blog since I JUST (today) got my blog book in the mail. I used a company called SharedBook (blog2print.com or sharedbook.com). I really do like how it turned out, but sometimes the captions don’t like up with the pictures (it will put all the pics together and the captions after). Also, if you have videos, NOTHING shows up instead of the image of the video. It is cute and customizable, and for the $46 I paid (90 pages), I am pleased. If you want more info or want to see pictures you can get my email from Ashley. Sorry for the random person comment!

  11. If you find out about printing your blog let us know. I have always heard you can make it into a book. I haven’t looked into it yet though…..

  12. Hey Shawni thanks for your comment on my blog! I love your blog from your beautiful photos, to your awesome stories and life experience! I am truly inspired! I hope you figure out how to print your blog, because it is one of the BEST! Love ya, Kelsi

  13. Shawni, I can show you how to print your blog using Heritage Makers. It is a little more expensive than blurb, BUT you get it *exactly* the way you want it (full layout control), you get it archived online, and it is stitch-bound and archival quality. I did one for the family of a wonderful young mother who passed away and it is such a treasure to them. I will send you a link to it in your email so you can view it.

    The prices on my website are the full retail but I always have my insider specials. Some pretty good ones going on this next week, and you can buy now using a special and have up to a year to actually publish the book. My website is http://www.yourstoriesbound.com.

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