Speaking of my parents, one of the books they are working on called “The Entitlement Trap” (which obviously had so much interest when I wrote about it back here, and which I’m excited to get my hands on when it comes out), is needing some outside input.

Check out what they’re looking for here or here.

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  1. Shawni,
    I just hopped over and left this story for your mom and dad but I thought you'd like to hear it too, here's what I said:

    Ugg! Just reading this bums me out. Although my husband and I think we are teaching our children about hard work and responsibility I know we need to do better. Case in point: my 15 year old daughter is in an AP History class this year that had summer homework. My daughter told me we needed to buy the textbook online and it was $130. When I balked at the price she admitted that the teacher did have some books that students could "check out" for the year. "Yes!" I said, "do that." She was glum but said okay. Then yesterday she comes home from school and the first words out of her mouth are, "Mom! You HAVE to buy me the AP History book! The one the teacher gave me is falling apart and I CAN'T handle it!"

    Seriously? She can't handle it? She can't tape it, or cover it, or ask me for help with it…she just thinks I should fork over $130 this instant?

    We do have chores and allowance but "something" tells me there is room for improvement. Cannot wait for your book. "How to Talk to Your Child About Sex," is like our Bible. It has been to more restaurants than your average book, that's for sure!

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