Last month I got to go visit with Lucy’s Braille teacher at the school.  We had only emailed up until then and from the first email I knew that I loved this lady!  
I honestly don’t know how in the world we have lucked out to get the most amazing teachers for Lucy.  This is her fourth Braille teacher and she has adored each and every one of them.  Up until this year each one of them has been pretty conscientious as to how they have approached the teaching, because they realized right from the start that Lucy had her own “agenda.”  She had to warm up to each of them and they were patient as could be.  
But this teacher this year didn’t take much “warming up” because Lucy was enamored from day one.  I don’t know if it’s just that she’s just used to it by now, or if she has just fallen in love with Braille, or if the grand idea the new teacher had to give Lucy the chance to pick a friend to come join her each time she was pulled out of class made the difference, but I’m thinking it has something to do with all those reasons.  Well, and the fact that the teacher is just plain fabulous.  
Lucy was excited to share how cool Braille is with all her classmates she had join her, but has realized she gets more done when she goes alone so that’s what she does now.
As I watched her set up her little Braille cell with all the different contraction flashcards her teacher was flashing at her and then watched as she used her Braille typewriter with such enthusiasm (she lifts up her hands really high with graceful flourish as the types each word or contraction and it cracks me up!) so much gratitude filled me up.

Gratitude for her teachers and the patience and unconditional love they give my daughter.

Gratitude for love of learning and what it can do for kid’s self-esteem.

And most of all gratitude to God who gave us this girl to care for and love and learn so much from.

Last week we had her annual IEP at the school and that same gratitude washed over me.  How did we get so lucky to be surrounded by so many people who adore this girl so much?

Teachers who build her confidence and help her spread her wings? And friends who are so kind and good.

I know there is a lot of darkness and sadness that lies ahead with her syndrome.  There are hard things that we come across every day, worries and concerns, with health and friends and learning curves we are striving to keep her on.  But oh boy there is also so much joy.  Especially when she’s surrounded on every side with so much goodness.

And for that, I am grateful every single day.

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  1. We also had a very special "SPED" teacher who helped our son with some challenges. That woman was truly an answer to prayer and an angel to our son and family. Thanks for sharing these special thoughts!

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