I sat there at church a couple weeks ago next to the sweet little boy I help in Primary thinking to myself, “I love my callings.” I get to be this boy’s “special helper” during sharing time (he has “Williams Syndrome”) and I just got called to teach Activity Days. Elle’s in my group. I’ve been in there just long enough to fall totally in love with my cute little group of girls. They are darling and we have all these big plans.I almost knocked on wood right then and there thinking about how great it was that I got to be with my kids and husband so much because I’m not in a presidency right now, so few meetings, etc.

As I sat there thinking how perfect these callings were for me, my mind wandered to how much I love Dave’s calling. He’s one of the Gospel Doctrine teachers and he’s so good at it. I love the discussions we’ve had because of what he’s reading and thinking about.

So it was completely inevitable that we should get a phone call from the stake presidency that afternoon asking for a meeting. We both just looked at each other like deer in headlights wondering who was going to get a “change.”

Well, it was me.

Stake primary counselor. Yep, me and all these amazing women, all together. Hmmm. One of these things is not like the other. BUT, although it took me a few days to get used to the idea of being over cub scouts again, envisioning myself speaking at the stake baptisms with giant red nervous splotches all over my face and losing Austin and my Activity Day girls, I’m thinking it’s going to be good. These women I get to work with are amazing and Primary is awesome. I’m going to learn so much…

and cub scouts…gotta love those cubs and all the round table cheers. Yep, it’s gonna be good.


  1. I think one of these things IS like the other – you are one of the most amazing women I know! And coming from someone just released as primary president and having had a couple of special helpers in primary for special needs kids, you were doing great work and I am sure you will be missed. But, we serve to help others and ourselves grow. I am so glad when we can recognize the growth that comes from different callings. You will be awesome. Will you be calling the Pinewood Derby Races? Doing the photo finishes?

  2. Congratulations! I can feel your concerns but just hope that your wonderful view of life can be shared with many others. I did love the callings that put me in close touch with my own children when things were so busy. Glad you had that opportunity.

  3. Lesson to be learned: never ponder over how great of callings you have, cuz that’s when they change 🙂 j/k congrats! You’ll be able to touch so many more lives!
    …love the photo shoots. My son HATES his picture to be taken. 🙁 What is your trick/bribe???

  4. You will be awesome! I know you will learn to love the scout program and be awesome at your calling. You have such a love for children. You are perfect for the job!

  5. Hello, you TOTALLY fit in with those people! Congratulations!

    I had the same thought recently about my calling, and had the same deer in the headlights look when the bishop called me as YW President. I got sustained & set apart yesterday after knowing for a month. It is going to be awesome! I've been in Primary for so long…

  6. I heard some remarks about you and Scouts on Sunday (we were a little late- totally atypical for us) but it’s good to hear the whole story. Wow! Is that just one thing you’re over or is there more? Well maybe you can give me some pointers. Actually I’m glad that someone I know (especially someone as great as you!)will have the calling of someone I will be working with. Does that make any sense? So I’m excited for you and me!

  7. Well. I have to say I was sad to hear the change, I was so excited to serve in activity days with you. I was looking forward to getting to know you better, you are amazing and such a great person. You have so much to offer. Anyway I do have to say that you will be great in your new calling. Poor me, hopefully they will find me a new partner soon. GOOD LUCK!!!!!

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