We get out of church early. I love Sunday afternoons. Well, at least most of the time, especially when my kids help out so much.

Lately Elle’s been our Sunday chef. She can make one heck of a delicious dinner…seriously.…and even sometimes trains her little sister.I don’t have a picture, but Grace is a gem in the setting-the-table area. She gets out the china and the “princess” goblets and sets the dining room table up all nice. She employs Claire too.

Max is the master in the baking area. We start out each Sunday with each kid deserving three cookies after church. If they’re really reverent they get to keep all three. If they’re not, they gradually delete their stash. I won’t say this makes them perfect, but it sure helps. So, needless to say, making cookies on Sunday afternoons is a must.
Lucy fits in a little reading to her babies when she’s not screaming for more milk in her sippy cup.
And we may fit in a family bike ride.
And a late afternoon photoshoot.As you can see, Max was pleased as punch about this one. He LOVES taking pictures. Can you tell?Pretty darn happy to be done…even though it took a total of eight minutes from leaving our driveway to pulling back in. Not such a great sport.
Elle’s friend who’s been staying with us this weekend was much more accommodating. Thanks Emma!

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  1. AND what a GORGEOUS Sunday afternoon we had, too!?

    Congrats on your new calling… you’ll be great. Stake callings are so different- good and bad. I’ll be curious to see what you think!

    OH! AND Happy Fall Break! Hoorah!

  2. Oh, boy, to have my children cook can’t come soon enough. Not that I don’t love cooking myself, but that is one very important skill that I can’t wait to start teaching. They are pretty good mixers now though I must say. I love the cookie idea. If anything could work for a peaceful Sunday, it’s cookies for sure. I wonder if my husband would stay awake more at church if I bribed him the same way. Hmmm, I doubt it, poor- tired-all-the-time-guy!
    You really do have a beautiful family!

  3. hey mom your the best at cooking and your the one who taught me how to make the food your a great mom too!
    -love elle

  4. Wow you have quite the life now…just sit back and let the kids do the cooking! I wish mine would do that!
    They are too cute!

    Let me know if your friends move out here forsure!

  5. Yeah, well, I forgot to mention that I do a “few” things while the kids help out…I just re-read this post and it sounds not only like my kids are perfect (which we all know they are certainly not) and like I was sitting there eating bon bons directing them at what to do (I only did that for a little while).

    Having said that though, they are such good kids and I’m so thankful that they do help out amidst the fighting and whining. Man I love these guys.

  6. I’m glad someone enjoyed their sunday afternoon.:) We had about 8 inches of snow in our yard. While that is fun for some — me, not so much.:) I’m glad it’s melting now…..but it’s signs of things to come. BRRR!:)

  7. Your son looks like my husband when I take out my camera- “Seriously Nancy… again?’ hehe

    Also- I think it is just adorable that Elle signed your blog. So cute.

  8. Nothing better than Sunday afternoons. I really like your idea about the kids deserving 3 cookies at the start of the day. I will have to try that one out. We usually make cookies on sunday too so that would be perfect.

  9. What a cute comment from your daughter!
    Shawni, I just have to say that you are one talented gal! I have done a few family pictures lately and forgot how much work goes into it. Of course you probably don’t need to edit as much as I do 🙂 but in any case my blog and house is filled with your pics…love them!
    I am hoping hoping hoping that next spring I can sell the D70 for the 300! I have heard so many raves about it! Anyway, just thought I’d swing by and say hi!
    P.s. I love my Sunday afternoons…..once sacrament meeting is over and Zac has his freedom back!!! I love the idea of having the kids help on Sundays….they look so cute helping out!

  10. How fun to have this RECORDED to look back in years to come! Pretty great kitchen crew! Tell Grace that I love her hair. Yikes those kids are looking so old all of sudden!

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