My sister snapped some pictures of us at Bear Lake last summer and we can’t decide which one to use for our Christmas picture. My kids vote for the standing one, but I like how happy we are in the sitting one, and Dave doesn’t care. He and Max are just pleased as punch that we have a picture, and that they won’t have to suffer through taking another one.

I’m curious as to what people outside of our family think, because seriously, I’m the worst person at making decisions on the face of the planet, even for dumb little things like this. If anyone has any votes to throw our way, please speak up!Lucy’s not looking in this one, but seriously, I’m in love with how she’s looking at Claire.


  1. I vote for the sitting one too because you all look so close, comfy and happy…Darling family and I love your blog! Merry Christmas to all of you!

  2. Hi! I have been following your blog for a little while now via your new sister in-law Anita. Yesterday, I tried to follow the link in regards to your book and link, so that I could post it on my blog, but it didn't work. Also, not that my opinion matters, but I really like the sitting photos better. While both are nice the sitting one everyone looks so happy.

  3. You asked…so I say go with the sitting one for Christmas pic: you look close and happy – like your family is! The standing up one is gorgeous… but I would frame that one for the home not for cards. Good luck!!!

  4. my 2 cents:

    The standing one is beautiful and kind of art-sy, like a great PR photo for a magazine. Truly, the setting, exposure, everything is gorgeous.
    But, when I get Christmas cards from friends and family, I want to see their faces. Up close. I want to soak-in their smiles and expressions because {generally} they are far away from me and I miss them. So I vote sitting.

    {PS- I love the way Lucy's looking at Claire, too. That's a heart-melter. Good luck, I'm terrible at deciding between "great" and "great" too.}

  5. I like the sitting one.

    Then maybe you could print out the standing one on sticker paper, and stick it to the back of the envelope to seal it?

  6. so, most people are saying they love the sitting one. i do too, but i think you should use the standing one because you can tell that you're at and literally standing in bear lake, which is a place that means so much to your family. i too love that lucy is looking up at claire. i'm just a sucker for pictures that tell more of a story.

  7. I read your blog as a friend of a sister of a friend of yours, and I love it. The sitting one definitely gives me more a feeling of what your family is all about from what I've read. You can feel the love and closeness and happiness more.

  8. Have to go with the majority and say I love the first one–so cute of all of you!

    And I am right there with you in the lack of decision making skills…

  9. I am a friend of a friend of yours. I love peeking at your blog every once in awhile. I'm inspired by your devotion to your family. You seem to be very involved in doing good. I like that. Great Family pictures I also like the sitting one.

    I love the lucy blocks that you made. Was that hard?? If you arn't to busy would you mind telling me how you made them.

    Again…. Excuse me for commenting on your blog. But I love seeing all of the good that you are doing.

  10. The standing one is great, but seriously, just one look at Lucy in the sitting one made up my mind! Either way, though, you really can't go wrong!

  11. they're both just beautiful but for your Christmas card, I like the closer one better. I think the standing pic would be fabulous blown up and framed on your wall.

  12. I love the sitting one, it just contains so much joy. The standing one is beautiful too, but I like the intimacy of the sitting one more for Christmas cards.

  13. I just love your blog! I've never commented but well now I am… I love both the pics but especially the top one! You have a stunningly beautiful family! Merry Christmas!

  14. You have a beautiful family. My favorite that draws me closer and to see the love for the family is the one where you are all sitting down. The smiles capture everything.
    Heather Wilson
    Terri Maxwell's sister)waraffst

  15. Ooh, is this going to really help you make up your mind? 😉 Divergent opinions! They are both so beautiful, my word. I'd vote the sitting one because you're hugging and close, but do something amazing with that standing one. It's dreamy.

  16. Wow…you are so pretty…its no wonder your children are all so beautiful. They are both amazing photos. I think the sitting one belongs on the card. Lucy's smile is priceless and you can see your faces so well, but please put the standing one on canvas and hang it over your fireplace (if they have those in AZ?) cause it captures the "essence" of your amazing family. Good luck!

  17. oh man, they're both just so cute. I guess I'm with you and would go with the one that shows more personality. I do love the way Lucy is looking up at Claire though.

    Good luck!

  18. I'm a friend of Saren's and love to read your blog. Your devotion as a mother and your passion for Lucy's cuase is wonderful.

    Both are beautiful shots, but I adore the one sitting down.

  19. The fact that you have two pictures and can't decide makes me jealous. We can never even get one. I'm gonna have to go against the popular vote and say the standing one simply because of the way Lucy is looking at her older sister. If Lucy were facing the camera and smiling, I'd probably say the sitting one too, but that little look of admiration makes that standing picture special and sweet, and I'm a sucker for capturing siblings love for one another.

  20. Both are soooo great. From a photographer's standpoint I like the standing on the best. The way you guys are positioned and the lighting are so awesome. Your outfits are perfect. What a gorgeous family.

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