Last year the dad of one of my brother’s third grade students made t-shirts for his class at the end of last school year.  They wore them to the end-of-the-year class party (which my brother holds at our house each year).  

The kids loved them, and they were pretty cute, and I commented that I really liked them.

So this great guy offered to make them for Lucy’s class this year.  How nice is that??
He has a business called DoodleNoodle (HERE) and they do all kinds of cool stuff like that.
So I took him up on his nice offer because man alive, this has been the best class ever.  Lucy has felt so loved and has learned so much…and every time I go in there that sweet teacher of theirs is so upbeat and fun…has funny nicknames for each one of them.  
They glow with love for her because of her love for them.  And when you feel truly loved, you excel like nobody’s business.  
So I figured it would be pretty cool to take this guy up on his offer and give each of these 5th graders a memento of this awesome year they’ve had.
His company whipped up those t-shirts speedy quick for us so we could have them by the end of the year and they wore them to school yesterday.
Let’s take a look…

Are those not just the greatest?  Love how they turned out.

We had to kind of scramble to get our act together, but Lucy’s teacher was so quick to have them all come up with their own self portraits (which I thought were darling and original):

 Closer look:

Then I scanned them in on my phone quick, and that good company took care of the rest.

I will always and forever be so grateful for this good woman who has taken Lucy under her wing so beautifully this year:

We are bracing ourselves for next year when the kids rotate classrooms for different subjects…makes Lucy so nervous (and me even more-so, although I don’t claim that to her).

Thank goodness for her awesome “helpers” (Braille and mobility teachers), as well as the students who are so kind.

I think she’ll survive.

If you’re interested in learning about how to get your own class t-shirts, click HERE to find out how.

That link will give a dollar off your purchase and will also make it possible to make a free t-shirt for your teacher.

They will do staff t-shirts too…and I just thought up an idea: these would be pretty cool to do for reunions, don’t you think?

Every sale generated donates a portion to Lucy’s school which is pretty great, so link on in and get your own to make the kids in a class…or reunion…or staff…smile like these kids 😉 

HAPPY LAST DAY OF SCHOOL to all of us desert-dwellers!  I cannot believe this is the end!


  1. Those shirts are so cute! My boys had them in first grade, in bright fluorescent colors which sure came in handy on field trips! Super cute keepsake too!

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