This is the face of a girl who is filling up with confidence about college coming up:
Not excited to graduate, mind you…both of us are bemoaning that fact looming on the horizon so dang quick.  But feeling grateful for the positive options once that graduation happens.  And she was loving the idea of Utah State.
But THIS is the face of a girl who just got into the college of her dreams after working hard to get in and hardly daring to hope that dream could come true:


She is still deliberating before she finalizes her plan, but it looks like we just may have another girl desert us for an island out in the sea.

Congratulations Grace!

And boo hoo for us back at home. 

I kid, we are really so excited for her!  How can we not be with that glowing face up there?  It’s so interesting how life can weave and switch and change and heave in such different ways with big kids. 

Motherhood is a pretty grand adventure. 

And so is college. CONGRATULATIONS Grace, for this grand new adventure that lies ahead!  Sooo happy for you!

Let’s please slow down all this graduation hoopla for a little bit though!


  1. One of my favorite things about your family (and your parents' advice) is the emphasis on higher education. My parents and extended family emphasized it as well – it didn't need to be a 4-year university degree, but some higher learning or training for a skill. I remember you parents wrote a column about how both partners having a college degree can be beneficial in a marriage whether or not both people have careers. That advice has really stuck with me. (I've actually been searching for that column online, but I haven't been able to find it. Would you happen to have a link?? 😉 )

  2. Congratulations!!! How exciting. We’re both in the same boat as mothers…our daughter is graduating High School! New beginnings and a new way of life for everyone. But some days it’s easier to handle the excitement than others. A new adjustment for sure. More for me of course. She’s our first born who is graduating High School. Any tips on handling this new phase would be appreciated, as you have two in college already. Thanks!

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