I love how kindness spreads.
Especially in times of trouble.
For the last couple weeks our high school student body as well as our community has been in mourning following two tragic accidents. One of those accidents took the life of a senior student, and the other left one of Claire’s close friends in an induced coma, battling for her life. It feels like the world should just stop in times like this. But it just keeps going.
News spread quickly, as news does in these days of social media multiplication.  Within days veins of kindness began to spread across every heart in that school.  Suddenly everyone knew those girls and honored them any way they could.  Within days money had been raised to cover the funeral fees for the student who lost her life, and little fund raisers popped up everywhere to raise money for Claire’s friend Sarah who was going to need ongoing medical care to get her through.  
Lucy heard little snippets of all the news and decided one day to do a lemonade stand to raise money for Sarah. She whipped up a sign, invited a friend over, and got going on those lemonade sales.  

 Within 25 minutes (which is all the time they had before it got dark), those girls raised $81.

 They were so excited to come home and count it all up, and donate it on the go-fund-me account.

Meanwhile, along with lots of other small fundraisers like Lucy’s, one girl at the school (who happens to be friends with Grace), decided to put on a large-scale fund raiser carnival.

I don’t have pictures of the whole event…there were HUNDREDS of kids…this huge park area was packed…this picture I stole from Instagram can’t do it justice:

The students did EVERYTHING from gathering all kinds of things for the silent auction, organizing food trucks, organizing all kinds of donations, organizing a concert, parking, getting a permit…all the nitty-gritty details that go into something like that.  Grace was able to help a little and just glowed with the kind of happiness that comes with getting in there and doing something that makes a difference.

They called the event “Strength for Sarah” and you can almost see that “strength” growing and becoming more powerful around here as everyone rallies to help.

Claire’s friends made videos for her family to play for Sarah in the hospital, still in a coma.

 This is a closer-up picture of the shirts that were sold as part of the whole deal:

Those kids raised almost 20,000 dollars to help that family in need.  
The power of kindness is pretty amazing I have to say.
The update on this girl is that they were able to take her breathing tube out for a short time the other day and she was able to say some intelligible words.  It’s still touch and go here, and they don’t know what damage the massive brain bleed may have caused, but there are some positive baby steps giving everyone hope.  

We have had these girls and their families in our hearts and prayers for what seems like a long time now.  Sometimes struggles that people have to face seem unbearable.  I’m so grateful for the power of kindness spreading to try to strengthen the feeble knees, and what it can do to a community to unite.

Conference is coming up this weekend and I hope some of the things shared will help calm those troubled hearts.

I love conference.  Feel free to join us in listening even if you’re not of our same faith!  More info. HERE.

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  1. Powerful to watch God use our children to spread kindness and make a difference in the lives of their friends. Loved reading this and praying for your community today.

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