I have been thinking a lot about creation lately. I mean, how could I not with all that gorgeous creation I got to go through last week (chronicled in the last post).

I’ve been thinking about my own creation. Mostly as I have been continuing my meditation/morning communion with God. (I had some fails on that last week as school went back into full force, btw, but there is something about it that I hunger for now so I try to make it a priority).

What am I doing each day? What am I creating? How am I living?

I’ve also been listening to some things that have made me think more deeply about creation. Oh man. I will share them with a preface: sometimes I get so excited about these things because they hit right where I need them to hit. Exactly along the lines of what I have been thinking. So, take these recommendations with a grain of salt but to me, I marvel that they were put in my path right at the exact moments when I was hungering for them.

First there was this spotlight about artists that we discussed with my siblings and parents a couple Sundays ago (new thing, I love it).

I don’t even know what you’d call it…an episode maybe? Anyway, it highlights two artists (creators). I knew and loved Brian Kershisnik already. I LOVED that he talked about having a blank canvas. You can’t just sit there and wait for revelation, you have to start. Keep moving. Then the inspiration will come. (he talked about his piece Nativity that is one of my very favorite paintings…so much more but just listen if this speaks to you).

I didn’t know about Paige Anderson but I was incredibly touched by what she said.

Touched enough that I had to sit down and type out what she was saying:

“I love just being vulnerable to that and to see the contradictions. To sit in those uncomfortable middle spaces and say, this is a life of faith too. This uncomfortable middle space of searching and wondering is a faithful life.

Oh I love to think about that “uncomfortable middle space.” That place of searching and finding, trying to create ourselves.

Everyone is on this journey of finding God. For me that’s what art does. It allows that searching part of me to come forward. And to ponder.

Fitting fragments. Meditate on my beliefs. A hundred hours trying to fit faith in a tiny “faith box.” our beliefs and our faith come from lots of different places. Giving yourself time to sit with a piece opens yourself up to what it’s trying to teach you.

(Link for all of that is HERE.)

Then I started listening to Brooke Snow (as recommended by a blog reader back in this post). Oh man, once again, all about creation, exactly what I had been yearning for (and I happened to listen on my brother’s birthday who is ALL about spiritual creation…pretty incredible timing). This is what I listened to:

You can find it HERE.

Spiritual creation and the “law of attraction” are exactly what I’ve been thinking about…syncing in with my favorite quote: “You’ll find what you’re looking for.” Am I looking for the right things?

I love the question she poses about the phrase “to act or to be acted upon” (from the scriptures), and thinking about what I am “act” and what am i letting myself be “acted upon.”

Simultaneously I was listening to this training from one of our church leaders Elder Bednar that my friend had sent to me since I had been really pondering about personal revelation (it was a big part of Come Follow Me last week).

You can read or listen to this HERE.

I had been thinking about how sometimes in church discussions we act like revelation is just so cut and dry. I mean, sometimes it is, of course. We get a prompting to talk to someone new or we feel good about some decision we make. But sometimes we have to just move, and go forward (like Brian Kershisnik said in that spot I linked up there). I listened to this training in a couple segments and when I finished it on Sunday morning before church I was weepy. It was like he spoke right directly to my very heart.

I love how all the things I have been thinking about just happened to culminate together to buoy up my heart and help me take courage to go forth and just live in revelation.

It is all around me. In everything I do. I just need to keep going forward.

There is so much more in that podcast that I will have to do a whole post about some time…I loved the part about ministering and there was SO MUCH that I interpreted into my heart about mothering and how to do it better (with questions…he’s such a good teacher), but THAT is for another day.

For today I just wanted to put all these “creation” thoughts in one spot so that they aren’t all floating around in my brain. I am out of time, but would love to hear the thoughts of others about “acting” or being “acted upon,” and other journeys of creation. We all have them if we stop long enough to think them through.

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  1. I love having all this in one spot too Shawni! Thanks so much. I love the way Elder Bednar teaches! He turns the question right around and makes the questioner come up with the solution! That would be a great idea to use with teenagers too! So many creative thoughts from these four incredible people!

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