The Easter Bunny pulled through with the string once again.

This time Bo got her own string too…

…which resulted in much glee from the girls…Bo being one of them.  She was so excited about that yarn she could hardly stand it and kept getting tangled up in everyone else’s until we had to just hold her.  Ha!

Everyone was pretty excited to find those baskets.

This is the best pic. we got of Bo Jangles with hers:

 …she was much too excited to go play with her stuffed animal lamb chop and dental bone.

We don’t have church until noon so we got to spend the morning finishing up our Holy Week scriptures and talking through each of these symbols:

We also watched the videos I posted yesterday back HERE.  Oh man I adore those.

Followed by eggs Benedict…which was pretty dang exciting because Grace and I got the Hollandaise sauce perfect for the first time ever without my mom’s help:

(See how Dave had our little breakfast sandwich maker ready just in case we had a sauce fail…he’s a prepared guy but luckily we didn’t need it and we were pretty happy about Easter brunch.)

We even had happy helpers to clean up before we headed out to church.

 …and took some speedy quick pics on our way out the door.

(Claire’s hair was inspired by Elle’s hair in her Easter video she made way back when.  We were missing her watching her old videos this week.  They are HERE and the Easter one is HERE, Elle make more of those!)

We got Bo Jangled decked out for just a minute.  You can tell by these faces just how they both felt about that:

 Ha ha.

“Get that thing off!”

“There, much better.”

We enjoy that puppy…most of the time.

This was Lucy’s pondering-paper during the sacrament:

How I love her heart.

Church was followed by our traditional gathering and dinner at my sis-in-law’s house.

 (Dave was directing the veggie portions up there 🙂

Love all those people.

Egg hunt ready:

Lucy wasn’t messing around on that I tell you.

One egg was here:

…and another was in the exhaust pipe of this car.  It was the “money egg” which got stuffed even further up in there when one of the cousins tried to grab it.
…which was fixed by Papa turning the car on and it popped out.

 Check out the glee on the faces of these grandkids on the right in the front row.


Love those cousins with all my heart.

We missed Max and Elle pretty fiercely through all the hoopla.  So much so that I got teary a few times.  How did they change from this so quickly??
We got to talk to Elle Belle over FaceTime and got these pics of her with her roommates.  

They celebrated by listening to one of these great girls give an awesome Easter talk in church (Elle recorded it and sent it to us), and colored their own Easter eggs last night.

And here’s all we got from Max, in some Internet cafe with his brand new companion off in a tiny little rural town in Taiwan that he moved to last week.

Those smiles make me happy.
So grateful for such a sacred day to celebrate the glory and divine beauty of the resurrection.  
And that I can be with all these people I love forever.
In Young Women yesterday we got to share our favorite scriptures.
That’s tough to pick, but I shared Mosiah 5:12 where the people who want to follow Christ are taking upon them His name.  I love how it says, “I would that ye should remember to retain the name [of Christ] written always in your hearts…that ye [will] hear and know the voice by which ye shall be called.”

How I hope that I can remember, not only on Easter, that I want that name written upon my heart at all times and that I will strive to live my life in such a way that I can know His voice and follow it.  
So grateful for His life, and that because of Him, we can be saved.  
Happy Easter!


  1. I love that your brother is included in your in-law family gatherings. I've noticed that before and it always warms my heart. It would be easy not to include him, but that your husbands family does says a lot about them. ❤️

  2. Your girls look especially lovely in these pictures. I love the Easter Dresses, special hair, and bright smiles. Grace's boho look is especially on point; what a great look for her!

  3. What a beautiful family…good …loving energy. (Love the pics of your Bo…yes.. puppies are demanding and all over the place…dogs are such wonderful teachers of unconditional love. They just love us…even after we get upset with them….when they realize we are "over it"…they are back to total love for us.)

  4. I used to read your blog… long ago!!! Just thought I'd check back in to see your beautiful family. And I've just seen your son is on his mission in Taiwan. My sister lives in Taichung. I hope he is doing well there. It is such a lovely place. I have visited twice.

  5. Beautiful post! Would you be willing to tell me where you got your kitchen table and chairs? And what size it is? I've looked everywhere for a large round one and am having no luck. Thank you!!!

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