Last year we made “Easter Story Cookies” to help our kids further connect Easter with the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

It was a rushed event because we ran out of time after all the other hoopla we tried to squeeze in, but we did it. There’s a story to go along with each step of the process to help the kids understand the symbolism of each ingredient you put in and I liked that it gave us one more chance to go over the important stuff before the big day.

The recipe tells you to mix everything the night before and then “seal” them in the oven overnight.

Do you like our “sealing” job?The next morning you open the oven and find that the cookies are completely hollow, signifying how the tomb was hollow and empty as well on that Easter morning long ago.
My kids were vaguely interested. I mean, it can be tough for anything to compete with Easter baskets and Easter egg hunts. The discussion the cookies brought on was certainly great to bring in the spirit, but the cookies themselves were later thrown in the trash because they weren’t overly tasty. I figured maybe that would be a one-time event.

But this year my kids keep asking if we’ll do them again with puppy-dog eyes hoping we will. (I’m so thankful kids help keep traditions going.)

So, of course, Easter cookies are now penciled in to the Easter plans.

A bunch of people asked for this recipe last year and this year too. If you’re one of them, click here for great step by step instructions with scriptural references to go with them.

We are painting our Easter eggs tonight…I think I’m more excited than my kids.

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  1. We did it last year as well, and our kids didn't seem excited either. But have talked about them on and off all year, and I'm sure Mia will remind me to make them. Strange what goes on in their minds/memories.

  2. Al try getting the book on Amazon. We did the cookies last year and the kids asked this year if we could please do something that tastes good this year…LOL.

  3. Yes, I would go with the resurrection rolls as well. They are really tasty and serve the same teaching purpose!

    Can't wait to see your Easter eggs!

  4. We just made the resurrection rolls last night…2 batches, and they were gone instantly (I didn't even get one!) I think this will be a new tradition for us!
    Have a great Easter Shawni!

  5. thanks, i just mentioned your link on my wednesday's easter activities post:) we used the resurrection rolls – super simple, and pretty easy. you could maybe switch to them next year if you're not so into the cookies (but love the tradition/reference etc) i'll go look at your recipie now.

  6. I just did this with my preteen and teen girls, 10, 11, 13, 14, 15. They LOVED this and all felt for him….sealing the tomb…they wanted to help him and it was a WONDERFUL way to get them thinking and talking. Thanks for this wonderful idea. They are already asking if we can do it next year.

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