I hope these are readable!

As promised, below please find pictures of the contents of our envelopes for our “Daughter of God” week. (Click HERE for more info. on what I’m talking about.)

I decided to just put pictures of what was in the envelopes here to make it easier, and I’ll have my secretary (she’s super cute and is named Elle/Grace…I know, weird name:) attach all the helpful word documents to an email and send it out shortly.

These will give anyone wanting to do this activity ideas. I think each group of girls will have different needs, worries or focuses so of course the seven envelopes can be filled with any variety of things, this is just what we came up with after attending the temple together and being prayerful about it for our specific girls.

The most important thing in my opinion is to keep the letters short and sweet (which you’ll see I did not adhere to so well…), and to end with a “call to action” or a challenge. We felt that if the girls wrote about their feelings in their journals –even just for a minute– those feelings would take seed in their hearts that much more fully.

SUNDAY:There were two letters in this one (above and below) and we just copied these ones from my friend who started this whole hoopla in California. I think she said things so perfectly.



WEDNESDAY:(front above, back below)



We put all seven envelopes into larger manilla envelopes and handed them out the girls the first Sunday of the week.
There you go!

Again, Elle/Grace will send you attachments of some really helpful documents as well that have been whipped up by the amazingly creative and spiritual YW leader in California for you. (She’s the mastermind behind this whole idea). I think we need to all give her a round of applause and blow her a big kiss πŸ™‚ Please be patient with us as we try to get info. out to so many! If you are still hoping to add your name to the list of those who would like the info. please see pink note below with digital files available rather than leaving more comments here. Let me know if for some reason that link isn’t working at sepphotography at gmail dot com.

Love, Shawni

p.s. (post-edit note) The attachments you can download from the link below are a sum-up of “how-tos” on doing the “Daughter of God” week, not files from these envelopes. Those I do not have…you can copy or come up with new much more creative ideas on those ones as you wish.

second post edit note: Elle has worked her little heart out to get emails sent to all the people on this list and is finally finished! (hooray!) If you are reading this post after January 12, 2012 and would still like to have the information, please see below…

THIRD post-edit note (7-9-14):
I have figured out how to attach all the info. from the email I have been sending directly to people who have requested it into a blog post.  Click HERE to download all the links and information about this week if you would like to replicate it in your own neck of the woods.  May these materials be a help to you and the girls you are working with!

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  1. This is amazing. I hope the girls come out spiritually stronger and feel so loved. Saw your profile on Mormon.org, and it was fun to hear your voice. Hope you have a wonderful holiday season and that all goes well with the transition of a new ward.

  2. I just got called to be the YW president in my ward. Finally I can use some of the great ideas that you shared on your blog when you were president. Thanks for sharing. I am hoping that I can get a copy of the file/ideas for your Daughter of God week. Coulde you please send them to me. Your blog uplifts me daily. Thanks! slichtafamily@yahoo.com

  3. Please email me the information etc. So excited to do this for the yw in our ward. Thank you so much for helping someone like me that isn't very creative and feels a little intimidated by this new calling. Thanks so much

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