Someone brought up this phrase in our Relief Society (church) Zoom meeting last week that I’ve been holding close.

She talked about how she was reading something about ministering (something we do in our church to serve and care for one another) and found the phrase “take time.” She was talking about taking time out to get to know the women she was assigned to minister to, but that particular phrase really hit me. The concept of “taking time” seems to get squeezed out of my daily life a lot. I just go from one thing to the next, not stopping to think or get guidance and direction as much as I should.

It made me contemplate how grateful I am for my new little “habit” (inspired by Atomic Habits) to take time to meditate each morning that has started to change that. I decided I would get up ten minutes earlier than I really needed to, and “take time” to meditate. But really, my meditation is mostly communing with God. Part of the time I do this meditation:

(Well, that won’t link so go HERE for the link.)

I have shared it before, (my sister Saydi introduced me to it), but it is SO GOOD.

I LOVE that it says to visualize that light (that is inside you) guiding a path of gratitude for you. “See that each interaction …and each person you meet can feel this light radiating from you and be lovingly touched by it.” That’s my favorite part.

Then I kneel right here by this ottoman and pray…commune with God for the rest of my set aside meditation time.

…asking for guidance and direction. The thing that is key and that has helped the most is to have that little notebook right there with me: a place to write down those nudges and promptings I get.

This practice has changed much about how my days unfold, and I really, really like it.

Ok, so it’s only been two weeks, and I’m sure I’ll mess up and maybe I will rework things. Oh I am all about those “second chances,” because boy, do I ever need a lot of them! But for now it is making such a difference and I am learning so much. I’ve tried to meditate for years and years (and I still don’t even know how to really meditate the way it’s supposed to be done…please someone send me advice and wisdom if you know how…I know you’re supposed to think of nothing, but how can you really think of nothing?? I have a lot to learn!).

But this.

This is working for now. Maybe because it’s only for ten minutes. And maybe because it started with only a week commitment to try it out. But I have sure gained a deeper appreciation for that phrase: “Take time.”

Happy weekend!


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  2. Hi Mrs. Pothier! I’am Shaira from 🇵🇭 PH, I also practice meditation. It all started due to my full-blown panick attack last 2019. I have PCOS, which is why I’m more prone to stress, anxiety, mood swings and even depression. I’m also a chemical engineer by profession and my job requires a lot of thinking and stress. Haha! Meditation and journaling really helped me to declutter my mind. Meditation would never ask you to think of nothing but to see your thoughts from a role of observer. The goal is to be grounded and aware by your breath, to be mindful only by your breathing. When your mind starts to wander again (which surely will), you just let them pass or just observe your thoughts. Meditation will separate you from your thoughts. And it will really help you to see why you are so anxious on unnecessary things and to just breath. There are different kind of meditations but I love the ones who will connect me to God. It let me see how small my problems are, and how big is my God. It helps me to have a grateful and peaceful heart! I wanted to tell you so many things about meditation but this comment is getting long. I would like to recommend Headspace or Calm as meditation apps. You can also check Yoga by Adrienne, Great Meditation, The Honest Guys, Mindful Movement on YouTube! They have different guided meditations based on how you feel, e.g. Meditation for Anxiety, fear, letting go, peace of mind, forgiveness, reconnecting, gratefulness or even meditation to start your day. Meditation really works and really powerful! Good luck! Be safe and healthy!

    PS. I’am an avid reader and I’m 24, not yet married/mom, but your blog makes my heart happy. ♥️

    1. Thank you so much Shaira!! I love every thing you said, especially that meditation will help separate you from your thoughts. Such a great explanation that helps me understand the purpose more. I like the idea of taking your thoughts and holding them separately for even a little while. Thank you so much for your recommendations as well, I will look into each of them. And also, I’m so glad it makes your heart happy to come here. Sending you lots of love!

  3. Hi Shawni, I love this post. I’ve also recently started a new way of meditating that is similar to yours, and I see it doing much good. There are many ways to meditate, but gratitude meditations, especially with a journal, are some of the best! Making some space between all the busy thoughts gives room for inspiration, which is especially needed right now. I have so often been inspired by your blog and have talked about it with many friends. Keep up the great work you are doing in your home and online!

    1. Thank you for sending on over those kinds words, Christine! And I’m glad you are seeing meditation do good in your life as well. I’d like to keep accountable for the meditation I’m doing so I’ll have to come back to report…please keep me in the loop with any new ideas! xoxo

  4. I highly recommend Brooke Snow’s Christian meditation course. It’s amazing! She also has a podcast and I know this may sound cliche but it has been absolutely life changing for me.

    1. Thank you for reminding me about Brooke Snow, I have listened to a couple of her podcasts that were so good. I will have to check out the Christian meditation course. Do you ever think it is overwhelming how many good things there are to listen to? I need to get a handle on how to manage all the wonderful things that can inspire me and not let them overwhelm me! If anyone has great ideas on that let me know!

  5. 10% happier is a really great book and podcast on meditation. The book chronicles a TV journalist who had a breakdown on live TV due to stress and various other issues and it chronicles his slow journey to meditation – practicing, failing, discovering what it is and the many ways it can be done.

  6. Hey Shawni! I’m so glad that you found something that works well for you! Enjoy! 🙂 Since you asked, some aspects that have become important to me on my own meditation journey: Meditation can be anything if I’m just aware of the present moment, my inner life (feelings and thoughts) and “being in my body” (vs. “being in my head” only) – folding laundry, walking, stretching my body before going to bed, cutting vegetables, etc. No need to “force” myself to sit on the floor staring at the wall if that isn’t what I feel like doing. — For me, I have had to allow myself to change a certain way of meditation/being present if it doesn’t work for me in my current life situation or if my thoughts are becoming too tumultous (I’m an over analyzer and have a tendency to worry and be anxious). And not be hard on myself (“why can’t you do this, everyone else seems to be able to do this …”), and just be aware of the feelings and thoughts that arise. I have learned to be more easy-going and flexible this way – and hold the idea that there is a right way to “do it” more loosely. — This leads me to the aspect that I feel has been the most important for me: Meditation is not a tool to change what I feel or think. As in, oh, I feel sad, let me meditate it away or oh, I should feel grateful today. Instead, to just be aware of my inner reality and be present with whatever thoughts and feelings I have. No need to have others. 🙂 I have also realized that when I just accept and feel the feeling, it really helps my overall connection with myself and the world around me. –> I hope this helps you a little, and I wish you all the best for figuring out your own way to “do meditation”! All the best!

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