Just a few snippets of our Family Home Evening the other night.
Oh how I love that our church reminds us the importance of spending time with our families. Put away the distractions and really “be there.”
There really is such a gift in “presence.”

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  1. You are lucky your kiddos will sit still for FHE. We rarely have FHE because my kids can't control themselves or pay attention for more than 5 minutes at a time. The only time they seem to be interested in FHE is when we are having some sort of sactivity. I loved having family night when I wa a child, even the "boring lessons" were kind of fun.

  2. Oh believe me, Susan, they don't sit still for long. That's why they were jumping on the trampoline πŸ™‚ We do a lesson on Sunday after church and "family business" so that Monday nights are just for activities (my kids are with yours, that's what they like)…usually a game or whatever. The Sunday lesson has taken years and years of frustration trying to get them to be reverent and sit still for longer than two minutes, but they're barely starting to get it. And I mean BARELY! πŸ™‚ Good luck!
    Love, Shawni

  3. I wanted to add that we women sometimes think other families have these wonderful hour long spiritual FHE. I used to think that i was such a failure. I would end up getting cross and feeling hopless at ours, until a lady i looked up to ( like martha stewart but LDS), and she said their scripture study was 1 verse each, the FHE was opening song, a 2 min lesson, closing song and an activity, all but the activity took 5 mins tops. it made me realise that it's not the time that counts, it's jut having it. i am still struggling trying to be consistent with it, both me and my husband grew up not having those things, and they are important to us. Shawni, any tips on consistency holding FHE?

  4. May I ask you how you get such great color in your photos? They are dazzling! Is it in the camera settings, any actions or plug ins with PS? Your composition is spot on also.

  5. Hi Shawni,
    I love reading your blog! I look forward to it each night. I am a new mother and am inspired by your words and absolutely love being a mom. How can I order multiple (4) copies of your book? I tried on Amazon, but they said that I am only able to order 2 copies. I appreciate any help that you can offer.
    Thank you,

  6. When I look at your blog I hear the same thing over and over again. . .
    My Daughter is 15; cute boys are her specialty.
    I am glad that 'good boys' like your son fit into that category. In the meantime, she is trying to talk her Dad into moving to Arizona.

  7. A member of the 70 said it the best: "Family Home Evening is just a fight between two prayers". Tee hee! Glad to hear that FHE in Utah is just as crazy as it is here in Atlantic Canada. Crazy, but worth every minute!

  8. Our FHE is a 5 minute lesson. Everyone gets to choose a song, we read scriptures like we do every night (10 verses), and we have opening prayer, and closing prayer is our regular family prayer for the night. All nights each child picks a song; the only difference in FHE is that the songs aren't all at the end of scriptures. We don't do treats for FHE; that would be way too hard! πŸ™‚ (and I like to cook! I just don't think a treat is neccessary).

    My children are 9, 7, 6, 4, 3, and 1, and that is what works for us!

    I do wonder what you have your ISO set at when you are inside your house and inside the church at night. Are you at 1600? The light in your nightime shots is always amazing to me.

  9. Oh those pictures are wonderful!! I want such neat pictures of my little family during a FHE!! I will remember this!!! And thank you for the idea to have the lesson on Sunday and the activity part on Monday! GREAT!!!!!! idea!!!!!

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