There are a few things I am LOVING right now.

I love to watch Max with his little sisters. And when I do, I feel like never in a million years could there be a better big brother.
I love my bike.

A couple years ago I inherited it from my sister. My other sister (who was coming to my house for a visit) and I strapped it on top of my suburban with rope going every which way, and had a long, adventurous drive with all our kids trying to get it home. High winds, two stops at different gas stations to buy more rope and to make sure it was fastened down enough that it wouldn’t fly into cars behind us on the freeway, etc. made our drive a little crazy.

But it was TOTALLY worth it, even though Dave told us on our arrival we looked exactly like Beverly Hill Billies with all that rope spider-webbing the top of the car.

I’m telling you, going on bike rides is one of the best things to do with kids as far as I’m concerned. We all head out together in a little pack around the neighborhood and while we ride close together we’ve had some of the best talks. Claire and Lu take turns on the seat on the back and they love it too.
Another favorite is my double jogger.

The weather has been so awesome and we have been loving going on long runs/walks to visit the local horses and to feed the ducks. Man oh man I love that thing because it carries two of the things I adore the most and we get to be together while the others are at school.

I love getting notes from my kids:I love our Mother/Daughter book club. Elle and I hosted last week and we stayed up ’til 11:00 the night before making food and getting things ready. Every minute we had together over the last few weeks Elle’s been trying to get me to figure out games, activities and questions for the big day. We read “The Tale of Despereaux”…a definite favorite book to read with kids. So many good themes in there.I love that these three girls are now total “partners in crime” and they pal around like nobody’s business. Claire can get Lu laughing SO hard.I love to watch Dave teach Max things. They work so hard out in the yard every Saturday.I love how much Lucy adores her stuffed kitty cat.
I love(d) Elle’s cooking class (it just ended, gosh darn it). She went to a neighbor’s house each week and came back with the most delicious meals for our family. She’s gained so much cooking knowledge in that class, but most of all she’s learned to LOVE cooking which is priceless.

Activity Days Daddy Daughter Date

And I love that I get to be in Activity Days with her now.

And my last favorite for this week is Max’s cookies. He found this recipe on the back of the flour package and made it a while back and it’s been our favorite ever since. I have been a connoisseur of chocolate chip cookies since I was his age, so believe me, I know a good one when I see it. Here’s the recipe:

3 cubes butter
1 1/4 c. sugar
1 1/4 c. brown sugar
2 eggs
1 tbs. vanilla
4 c. flour
2 tsp. baking soda
1/2 tsp. salt
lots of chocolate chips

The recipe says bake at 375 for 11-13 minutes, but we do two pans at once and put the oven on convection at 325. On convection you only bake them for 8 minutes. Go try them…you won’t be sorry!

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  1. Wow! I was thinking the same thing, how can they not be good with 3 cubes of butter in them?!? Chocolate chip cookies are our weakness at our house so I am excited to try out a new recipe! As always … love reading your posts!

  2. Aj, the Lucy photo really may gross some people out…don’t you think? If my kids were scared of her, she may scare a few other people off too. And Kerri, you’re right, seriously how could anything with three cubes of butter not be good? Mmmm. I’m craving these right now. But I better go to bed instead of making them…again.

  3. ok now we all have to see the picture of lucy. you can’t come on here and talk about it and not share.

    i’m gonna try that recipe. i think i have the best recipe and everyone else does too but if there is a better one out there i gotta try it. 🙂

  4. Love your list of favorite things. It was so fun to see you guys for games. I was seriously impressed with your playing. It took me a long time to get the guts to take a hand and run with it.

  5. What a cute idea for a blog post! Your pictures are amazing, as usual! Oh, and you asked about the photo workshop I took. It was done by Holly Brimhall and Amanda Andrews. I saw the thing about the BabiesNBellies one, but will probably pass on it, because I don’t have a business right now, and I heard its geared towards baby plans, etc. You’ll have to let me know how it is if you go though.

  6. Thanks for sharing! Choc chip cookies are my favorite…I love them with milk choc chips too. The pic of Dave and Max sure is sweet. I miss running into you guys at the gym too. I haven’t seen Dave in centuries.

  7. Your pictures are amazing! You are so talented. I stumbled across your blog somehow and would love for you to take some family pictures for me. please email me. mcavoyatcoxdotnet thanks

  8. I love reading your blog. I had a perma smile of my face as I read through it. I also just looked through all the pictures on you photography blog and recognized so many faces. Some from living by you that were in our ward, and some of the sweetest and my most favorite girls that I taught in school right by your house.

  9. Your blog is such a wonderful pick me up! Your photographs are amazing and just capture people in such happy moments- they kind that you never want to forget. I love looking at them.

    I loved reading what are your current favorite things. It’s always fun to stop and take notice because even while reflecting on them, they make you smile! Love the bike. I’ve gotta get one someday. My boys would love to go on long bike rides. We would do that all the time growing up. Everyone close together, talking, laughing and sometimes we would even ride over to the next city and stop and get lunch. What memories you’re making with your kids.

    I love that your husband and son work together in the yard every week. What special bonding they must have. I love working outside and seeing how you can transform your little bit of this earth into a little piece of heaven.

    I LOVE the book you read. I read it years ago when it came out. It’s upstairs on my boys’ shelf. I’ll have to read that outloud to them for their bedtime story soon.

    Thanks for all your wonderful posts. You are amazing. I seriously don’t know how you do it all. Your photo shoots are beautiful, you are teaching classes and often have 1/2 the neighborhood over for milk and cookies. Love it!

  10. Hi Shawni
    I know I'm commenting on an old post, but I am going through your blog slowly, reading everything. I am actually astounded at how similar we are! Our oldest son was born in 1997, we have three daughters, including a Claire and a Lucy, with a Mia Grace as well. I am a photographer, my husband is away quite a bit, and our youngest (Lucy) is three and the only child in our family with blue eyes too!

    The reason I am commenting on this post in particular is because I want to try your cookie recipe. I was happy you included it, since it is mentioned several time thoughout the blog entries I've read so far.

    I'm just wondering if you could just let me know if three cubes means three cups? I'm Canadian, and I've never heard of cubes of butter. Ours comes in one pound rectangles wrapped in foil. If I split one in half, it would be two cups.

    I know you are busy, but would you mind letting me know please? Lucy and I are hoping to bake them this week! Thanks!

  11. PS I meant to also say, I love your blog and am enjoying getting to "know" you! It's really well done and inspiring!

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