Last month I went hiking with some friends: high over hilltops under blue skies, the expanse of desert valleys laid out before us:

And we got lost.

Not a scary, worried kind of lost, but lost just the same.  We tried to forage our way through some pretty crazy places in search to find that path again.

At one point I scaled up some boulders to see what I could see from above and looked back down at my friends below, only to find that there was a neat little path carved right there through the place I had climbed (which I sadly didn’t think to take a picture of, darn it!)

It was a little thing, looking back and finding that path, but something I’ve been thinking about ever since.

Sometimes when life is unsure we have to be brave enough to take steps in the direction we think is right.

Sometimes only after we take those steps can we look back and realize the path that led us there.  We may realize it’s the right one and we are right on track, or we may realize we’ve come the wrong way and be willing to turn around and start over again, but it’s so interesting what we learn in hindsight.

It takes action and motion, sometimes taking a leap of faith to figure it all out.

There are so many people struggling to find solutions in life.

To find peace.

To find answers.

To find God’s love.

And sometimes we are paralyzed trying to find the “right way.”

But often the answers to our questions come only after we have taken the steps in the best direction we know how.

Then we can look back and realize how far we’ve come.

Just some thoughts on a Tuesday 🙂


  1. Thank you !
    I would love to hear your thoughts on nothing teen drama but how as mothers we navigate those waters with our own friends with their teens, and how to watch out for your own kids without damaging friendships !

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