When you have a gigantic family and your husband’s family does too it can be tough to spend time with them one-on-one.  

But one-on-one time is my very favorite. 
So when we realized we had even more than a week off for Fall Break and we were only doing Lake Powell until Tuesday, I decided it was a perfect opportunity to make some visits.  Four of my nephews had football games in Utah, one of my siblings just moved there, one is in the process of moving, two of Dave’s sisters live there, and we were half way there for crying out loud.  And those Fall leaves up there were beckoning to me like nobody’s business.
Plus, my Dad was playing in the World Senior Games in southern Utah (he does this every year and we’ve never had the chance to attend).  

So we decided to make a girls road trip.  A really long one with one stop at each place.  
And when I say “we” I mean “I” because Dave was out (had some big work meetings back at home) and my girls were a little hesitant when I first brought up the option.  But then their eyes sparkled when they heard the game-plan and they were with me, hook, line and sinker.
Grace even helped drive part of the way which helped a ton.  When she wasn’t driving, though, let’s just say that girl has an automatic “go-to-sleep” switch when she hits the car so she wasn’t the best co-pilot.  Claire was my girl for that part.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there’s nothing like a good road trip.  Even with the arguing and pinching and fussing and bum-soreness from sitting in the same spot for hours on end, I love it.  It gives me time to think and ponder and talk and discuss with the people I love most.
Rather than try to fit all the stops we made into one post I’m going to separate them but hopefully write more than one a day so we can record this stuff before the details fade from my memory.  So if you want to come along for the ride, happy to have you.  If this is going to bore you to tears, tune in again in a few days.
Here we go.

First stop was St. George for the World Senior Games (here)
I LOVE that my Dad does this.  I love that he keeps himself in shape enough to take home medals that mostly that his interests range in so many things.  His brain is always working and spilling out ideas. 
We pulled ourselves out of Lake Powell and headed to St. George to meet up with two of my favorite people in all the world: my parents.

My mom made us a fabulous dinner with one of the recipes from her new book she was in the midst of writing and they tucked us in bed:)
The next morning we got to watch my Dad win in the tennis single semi-finals.

Pretty impressive.

For some reason this is my favorite picture:

Dang that Grace is in the dark but I just love that Dad of mine.

And my Mother?

Oh boy.  No one more good-hearted and selfless than that lady right there.  These girls can feel her love so tangibly, although Lucy’s face isn’t quite expressing that up there…she cracks me up.

My Dad whisked the girls off on a little date up to the gorgeous canyon…

…while I helped my Mom round up and write up the last of the recipes for her new book she was turning in on Monday.
Guys, I’m so excited for that new book to come out…it’s going to be so good!  
Then we got to see my Dad and his tennis partner take the gold in doubles.

 These guys have played together for years and they are pretty dang great out there on that court.

I couldn’t help but ask this cute lady if I could snap a picture as we were leaving.  She was wearing those medals so proudly…I think she said they were from table tennis.

Loved the World Senior Games!
We dashed out of there speedy quick to get to my brother Noah’s new home in Provo so we could snuggle up their kids before bedtime.

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