From St. George we drove to Provo where my brother and his family just moved.  
As we pulled into town I couldn’t help but pull over over and over again to bask in the glory of the fall foliage that surrounded us around every corner and at every stop sign.  Claire was our DJ for music at that time and had my favorite version of “Fix You” blaring through the car and we were swelling with emotion for the beauty that surrounded us.  
Maybe the “swelling” within the girls hearts was more about “let’s get there already” rather than the beauty looming in front of us, but they were nice enough to nod in agreement to my never-ending proclamations that this was the most beautiful spot ever.
We pulled up closer and closer to that “Y” on the mountain and found my brother’s new house nestled right in there at it’s base.  

We arrived to pure glee from all the kids.

…and our numbers kept growing as my sister and her daughter came down from Ogden, and my other brother Eli and my cousin Sam joined us from the work meeting they happened to be in town for.

It was a wild ruckus with all those kids being so happy together, giving us a tour of the new house, and talk, talk, talking to catch up with all those people I love so much.

Finally, after we kept these kids up way too late on a school night, we got all these kids tucked into bed…

…after a family prayer and group family motto thing that Noah and Kristi do.

Then the adults stayed up until the wee hours of the morning talking through everything from work to parenting to travel to gospel and then around again and my heart spilled over with so much love for these people I get to be related to.  We finally went to bed at 2 but Saren and I stayed up talking into the darkness of our little guest room even later.

The next morning I got up, bleary-eyed to help get this gaggle of kids out the door for school:

Loved watching Noah and Kristi in action with those six kids.  They are wonder parents I tell you!

After a few years of trying to get my girls up to that “Y” on the mountain with me, the stars aligned and I got to hike not only with them, but also my sis and sis-in-law through all that beauty carpeting those granite mountains.

 I couldn’t get over the crimsons and burnt oranges creating a carpet of velvet up that hill.  It was so gorgeous with the sun slanting in such a way that it added even more to the beauty.

We bid goodbye to Kristi and her family and headed to downtown Provo for lunch…

 …and to see the Provo City Temple which is so pretty.

 (Had to “touch” it as per tradition.)

I tried my darnedest to get up to the Alpine Loop but we ran out of time before we had to leave for the first of our nephew’s football games so we “settled” for Provo Canyon which did not disappoint.

Bridal Veil Falls is where Dave and I had our first kiss after my mission so it holds a good little spot in my heart.  Even more-so covered with all that color.

Even better to experience all that beauty with that sister up there who I love so much…and her cute daughter too.
Oh and these girls I adore with all my heart:

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  1. Bridal Veil Falls is where my husband and I got engaged so it has an uber special place in my heart! We usually try to get back there every year on the day we got engaged (Sept 29) but this year we couldn’t because we signed on our first home the day before and had our third child the day after. It makes me so happy you got to visit and that I get to see the fall beauty that’s there via your awesome camera skills. Made my day 😄

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