1) First up, we have other college kids besides those ones in Hawaii. Isn’t it weird that word is plural? FOUR college kids because we’re counting Abby too (of course). Abby sent me this picture of Max’s first day:

(Thanks Abby!, Go Max!)

I don’t have one of Abby’s first day a couple weeks ago, so let’s go ahead and put this one in here instead:

(sorta fits because she did give that first day of hers a thumbs-up after all…)

They are all moved in and settled in Provo, work and volleyball.

2) The “Get Organized HQ” I mentioned a little bit ago is coming up in THREE DAYS!

It starts on Monday, September 9th and goes until Friday, September 13th. I think my session is on Friday. I’m excited to share my thoughts on “organizing your dreams” over there on that platform (I give a little tour of our “dream books” and show some goals Dave and I made years ago). There are so many sessions I’m pretty excited about hearing, I need a little organization kick in the booty right about now.

Click HERE for all the info. and to sign-up to watch.

Here are some of the things we’ll be learning:

Yeah, I need all of that. I’m excited to listen in. If you click in there (here) and scroll down a little there’s actually an audio version you can get so you can listen while you’re cleaning, etc. I’m such a “listener” lately I’m excited about that.

3) Speaking of listening, a couple of my sisters and I are all listening to this book right now, The Empowered Wife:

(sorry that is the hugest picture ever…working on switching that format soon)

My sister-in-law so highly recommended it a few years ago and we’re finally getting to it.

And I really like it. I’ll give you fair warning that there are some parts that are a little on the cheesy side, and there are some parts I don’t see quite eye-to-eye with, but overall I would totally recommend it. It’s to help wives learn to let go of a little of their control but I think it’s also teaching me to let go of trying to control my kids too. Yep, I do that sometimes. I like how it’s getting me thinking.

You can find it HERE, or the old version HERE (I don’t love that title, glad they changed it.)

4) I’ve moved around some things on this blog and hopefully remedied some of the initial problems. I switched the “entrees” tab under the recipes in the menu up there to be a little higher on the list so that more of the entrees will show up (there are so many of them), hoping that helps navigate the recipes better. My brother added a way you can subscribe to comments, see if that works.

We’re still working on some other things including fixing some broken links. Right now I think a bunch of the links give a “404 page not found” error message, hopefully we can figure that out. Also working on vertical pictures so they’re not quite so honking big. So, more tweaks are coming. But for now I’m so glad to hear people are enjoying the new format.

5) I adore these two girls I still get to have home with me. I’m the luckiest to be their mom.

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  1. I’m loving the new blog layout! Glad everyone is enjoying their new seasons, at college and at home! xo

  2. Laura Doyle!?! Oy! The smug, confidence of patriarchal society continues. . If the way you get along in your marriage is to allow your husband’s “natural dominance” and defer to him in all things I feel bad for both of you. And now your whole family is reading this book and passing it around? From the New Yorker who says it better than I can:

    An “empowered (formerly knows as surrendered) wife”…”according to Doyle, does not exert “inappropriate control” over her husband; she leaves all decision-making up to him, and she smilingly expresses her gratitude and appreciation for everything he does. She also grants him sole custody of the checkbook, and has sex with him at least once a week, whether she feels like it or not. She refrains from correcting him when he makes a mistake, such as driving for miles beyond his appointed freeway exit, and if she does overstep the mark she apologizes. If he actually seeks her opinion about something, she should, in the interests of allowing his natural dominance to develop, respond with a deflective “Whatever you think” or a chirpy “That’s a good question!”” SERIOUSLY ?!?

    “Laura Doyle is one of those astonishing, self-created demagogues whose central creed is the universal applicability of their own experience….”

    Have you watched Hulu’s Handmaiden’s Tail (based on the Margeret Atwood book) . The “empowered” wife starts out by writing the book about why all women need to be domestically centered and now she’s not even allowed to read.

    1. Have you read the book? I’m curious if you’d feel the same frustration if you did. Just wanted to let you know that some of those quotes are taken pretty out of context. I do see some of the funny stuff they are alluding to, there are certainly parts I don’t relate to and don’t necessarily agree with, but there’s a lot of good in there.

      And you don’t have to worry about us Eyre sisters being submissive and controlled by male dominance…we all have a little bit of a control problem! And we’re aware of it, so maybe that’s why this speaks to us.

  3. Been a regular reader forever and can’t believe you have just the two girls home now!
    Is your DIL attending BYU also? Good luck to she and Max this school year!

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