We are home. We are jet lagged like nobody’s business. And we are in love with our washer and dryer…and refrigerator and A/C.  And In and Out burgers 🙂 Just a couple questions between unpacking and church… When do the kids see their families? Rising Star is like a boarding school…the kids stay there while school is in session.  They go home for the holidays and their families come visit when they can. Do those affected with leprosy and/or their children have to give up their Hindu beliefs in order to be helped by Rising Star? Do they have to become Mormon to get any of that help, or will your family and organization help anyone who needs it, not just someone who has been converted to your faith? Rising Star is a non-denominational organization.  It’s purpose is to help those in need and make a difference to those classified as “untouchables” in India.  It has nothing to do with converting anyone to anything.  Rising Star was founded because of pure love, not because of any particular religion. For more on how it originated click here Do the kids at Rising Star speak English? Yes, they do…some better than others, but they all amazed me that they can speak multiple languages.  I loved reading with them because they have such a sing-songy way of reading with their beautiful English accents.  Here’s a video I took of one of the cute boys reading to me: I just tried to search your blog for your entry titled "we do hard things". Your search option on your sidebar doesn’t work. Would you repost this subject? Click here for the link to the “we do hard things” post.  Whenever I try to find an old post I just write “71toes insert-keyword-you-are-looking-for” and it usually pulls stuff up pretty well.

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