Ok, SCHOOL IS officially OUT!

It has been a crazy last few days, and then that last school bell went off and voila!  It’s SUMMER!

Lots of celebrations, but until I upload pictures I’m talking about camp.

Because in just a little over a week we go there.

All the young women in our congregation as well as the neighboring congregations with all the leaders.  That means I get to go with Grace and Claire, and it’s gonna be a good time.

I’m extra excited this time around since I get to be a “helper” and not the one in charge.  (Last trip up to the camp where we’re going I was the Young Women’s president in our congregation.)

Grace will be a YCL (youth camp leader) this year, so at the opening camp kick-off night she and the other YCL’s worked to get everyone all hyped up.

They sang songs and did a skit.

We had a “camp certification night” where the girls learned a few camping tricks and skills.

They learned camp songs:

How to build and keep a campfire going:

…and how to cook a brownie inside an orange peel.

Pretty impressive, I must say.  I can’t vouch for the flavor since I wasn’t eating sugar, but the girls seemed to like them.

We are getting pretty excited and it’s coming up fast!  Craziness that it is summer!


    1. I think that is under debate right now. It has been stake every year for a long time. But last year we had trek for 14 and up, and the younger kids had their own camps and no stake camp, so it was so fun for kids to be at stake camp this year…lots more about that soon…we just got back.

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