So grateful today for this family of mine.

…and for the celebration of my Grandmother’s life we had together this last weekend.

There were so many sad moments coming to grips with the fact that we will always miss her deeply, but so much to celebrate from the example and stamp on the world she left behind to light our way, as well as the fact that she gets to be with my grandpa again.

Much more on that soon, because life is smacking me in the face today, but between meetings I just wanted to say I love these guys:

(I mean, who wouldn’t want to have those goofy guys as brothers?)

…and this girl I got to bring along as my “date.”

…and that Dave was able to hold down the fort at home so well.

They were all glowing when Grace and I got home.  Apparently the only setback was that they couldn’t find a single brush in the whole house the entire weekend.  But really, brushes are way overrated anyway. 🙂

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