Oh man, Lucy is looking at me like I’m a little nutty today as these waves of motherhood-love-emotion keep washing over me. For some reason it hits me more some days than others. This morning I am feeling so deeply grateful for this job as a mother, planted in a family. The motherhood emotion this time around it all started out with searching for growing-up pictures of Claire last night in preparation for her birthday.

Memories washing over me in waves.

The morphing and growing of children into adults. The business of wading through valleys and climbing triumphant peaks. Together. The vulnerabilities, the aches, the pleading prayers, the jubilant achievements.

Dear God of second chances, thank you for all of them.

Ok, but really, back to the birthday.

Tomorrow in American time is Claire’s twentieth birthday. But she isn’t in American time, she’s in Australia. Where she’s already turned 20. Even typing that makes my heart jump. I mean, how is that even possible?

I mean, wasn’t she JUST here?

And here:

And here?

And now she’s off serving as a missionary on the other side of the world.

And I wish I could kiss those cheeks off and hug her to pieces.

But oh how proud I am of her.

She is working so hard. Through learning Chinese. And morphing into the mission life all while homesickness is pulling at her coattails.

But to see that glow in her face as she’s in the middle of it all is such a beautiful thing.

Five things I love about this newest twenty-year-old of mine:

1) Her eyes glisten when it comes to adventure. Whatever it is, she’s up for it and makes it fun. Right now she’s on one of the biggest adventures. One that’s full of all kinds of ups and downs. And I love to think of how what she’s learning is going to weave golden threads into her life in more ways than she knows.

2) She “sees” people. She takes time to talk to them and listen. From cradling Lucy with love as she’s grown up (even when it’s been tricky) to including friends who might be left out. She takes time to tell me the things she loves about me just on a regular, random day. And it means so much to me🥹

3) She knows how to work. When she sets her mind to things she know how to get them done. From school work to volleyball to cleaning her room, to figuring out how to connect with God on the other side of the world, she puts her heart into it. ❤️

4) She takes herself lightly. She can laugh at the funny things that happen. This creates humility, and humility creates good relationships. Especially the one with Jesus🤍

5) Her height and beauty could intimidate people but she’s just so kind and welcoming that they are still drawn to her.

(That was a note to her morphed to be put on a blog so hope it makes sense.)

So much more about Claire and her adventure in Australia so far coming on Monday. For today, just wanted to say happy birthday. Even though she can’t get this, I can send her screenshots:)

Love you forever my dear Claire Bear!

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  1. Happy birthday, Claire!! This pulled at my heartstrings because my missionary is celebrating his birthday next week in the Washington Tacoma mission! It’s so hard having them gone but so wonderful knowing they are out helping to bring others to Christ!! Claire sounds like an amazing person as do all of your children! ❤️

    1. Oh I hope he has a wonderful birthday next week! I so agree, no place I’d rather have her be learning and growing. But I would sure love to transport myself there just for a quick bday hug!

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