Today I’m sharing two podcasts and a book that have really made me think. I love when people share the good things with me. So I’m sharing with you, too.

Oh I’d so love to discuss these things with this blog reading community! I love the thoughts that come up here. Thank you for making me think so much through the years. Wouldn’t it be so fun if we could have a little “podcast/book discussion”?

Anyway, here are the things that have been rolling around in my brain like crazy:

Ten Percent Happier with Father Gregory Boyle

My friend sent me this one and Dave and I listened at the same time.

It’s an interview with my FAVORITE guy, Father Gregory Boyle who works with inner-city gang members in Los Angeles. He’s the one who wrote Tattoos on the Heart, one of my all-time favorite books. One that I still think about ALL the time. One of my favorite book club discussions. (Gosh, that’s a lot of “favorites” in one paragraph!!)

Anyway, Dave and I were both scribbling down notes like nobody’s business! I love that the host is an atheist with so many questions for Father Boyle. I love that they talk about motivating people through joy rather than rules. I love that they talk about how people change when they are cherished. I forgot how much I love that beautiful word. And when people are cherished, they not only change their hard-wiring and remember who they are, they have the ability to cherish others.

Oh my goodness, just so beautiful when you think about parenting, friends, strangers, the state of the world. How can we better cherish each other?

Some of my favorite parts:

  • Minute 19 when Father Boyle quotes Mother Teresa who said “we’ve forgotten we belong to each other”
  • Minute 24 when they talk about the “us and them” mentality and how dangerous it is
  • I LOVE that they talk about how to “catch yourself” when you start demonizing
  • I love minutes 55-56 and the story of Nelly…oh it is so so good
  • There’s a part where Father Boyle says “We go to the margins not to make a difference. We go there so the folks there will make you different.”

Oh gosh, I’m ready to go listen again right now.

Where to listen:

If you listen, come back and tell me what you think.

The Brooke Snow Podcast: There is More Than One Way to the Tree

Another one sent to me by my friend, and oh, it sure made me think too!

It seems appropriate to share this one right now because it dissects Lehi’s dream and her thoughts about it. We are studying that very chapter this week for “Come Follow Me.”

So many thoughts about the “straight and narrow path” and the “field” and two different schools of thought. How “good” do we have to be to be on that “straight and narrow” path? Is it ok to be searching in the wide field? How are we personally doing on our own journey to the “tree”?

Again, SO much to think about that I’d love to discuss. This would be a good one for people who are part of my faith as well as those who aren’t, so much to talk about here! If you are not familiar with the Book of Mormon I’d recommend reading one chapter in companionship with this podcast. But I don’t think it’s necessary to get the whole scope of what she’s saying.

Where to listen:

Expanding the Borders by Charlie Bird

My friend who has a gay son let me borrow her copy of Expanding the Borders of Zion. Once I started reading I had to buy my own because I wanted to underline and fold over pages.

It is so interesting all about Charlie Bird’s experiences being a member of the church and also part of the LGBTQ community.

I always knew this was a difficult space to be in, but this book gave me so much more insight from Charlie’s perspective. Something I just want to be so much more educated about. I know there are so many people in this position trying to make sense of where they belong. And so many not in this position trying to make sense of how this all works in the church. I love that Charlie talks about how to be advocates for each other, how much you can learn from someone when you do something as small as inviting them to dinner, how to change language and how to love better.

Needless to say, my copy is all folded down and underlined, again, so much to think about that I’d love to discuss!

So there you go, some listening and reading recommendations for a Wednesday.

Sending all my love along with them.


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  1. I absolutely love Tattoos on the Heart – I have it so marked up and written in the margins. You’ve got me wanting to dig it out again!
    I haven’t heard this podcast with Father Gregory, but I’ll listen to it today. I love a podcast he did with Maria Shriver back in 2019. I’ve listened to it a few times. Thank you for the recommendation!
    All of these sound really thought-provoking and I’m excited to listen/read them!

  2. Heading to listen to those podcasts right now! Father Boyle has taught me so much about how to follow Christ. Have you read Barking to the choir? Also fantastic!
    And I loved everything about Charlie’s book as well. Thanks for sharing the recommendations!

  3. I have always loved your recommendations and your open mind. I am a little surprised by your recommendation of Brooke Snow’s podcast and wish that you would reconsider. Brooke is an incredible public speaker, no doubt. I have listened to her for years. However, she is no longer a believer in the LDS faith or in Christianity. That means she is using LDS scripture (that she no longer believes in) to teach a concept that is meant to justify many paths to heaven through meditation and not through a Savior. She is not building bridges of faith she is building off-ramps from Christianity. She is absolutely allowed to have her personal beliefs. However as your audience is full of many active members of the church I think people should be aware of her current position when they listen to this particular podcast episode.

  4. Brooke Snow is an incredible teacher and public speaker, but as she no longer believes in the LDS faith it seems really manipulative that she uses LDS scripture to teach there are multiple ways to the tree. Her current material suggests a belief in meditation as “the way” over Jesus Christ as The Way. She is definitely allowed her beliefs, but I can’t recommend this particular podcast to sincere believers to enhance their Come Follow Me Study just as I wouldn’t recommend someone who is anti-LDS to teach Gospel Doctrine.

    1. As someone who has also left the LDS faith, I still find great comfort in the Book of Mormon. I still believe it to be a word of God. However, I don’t believe that all the teaching that the church present are true. She could be feeling the same way. There are multiple scriptures out that you can gain so much from. They are useful and beneficial to all different walks of life, regardless if you are a baptized, active and believing member. In all honesty, I think her intentions are coming from a place of comfort, something that has brought her peace and that is still a beautiful thing and something that can be learned from her listeners, regardless of what she believes and what the listener believes.

  5. I loved the 10% happier podcast episode! I thought that father Greg Boyle was totally insightful. There were so many quotes that I would want to put deep in my heart. I loved also that idea of cherishing people. He gave me so much to think about, especially how to love people no matter what. Thanks again! You are amazing

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