It’s a big day today.

And by the time this posts we will be celebrating it in a pretty cool place (Angkor Wat!).

For now, here are her pictures from her school celebration.

The girls:

The boys:

The bearer of “the birthday treat:”

She wasn’t duped into how cool it would be to bring fruit this year (last year we brought rainbow fruit kebabs) and was determined we were going to bring brownies so we did.

And her class loved it.

Made me so happy to be in that class with wonderful teachers and kids.

Lu is one lucky birthday girl.

Happy Birthday dear Lu!


  1. Happy birthday Lucy! It's amazing how easily kids get addapted to a new environment and make new friends so fast! Have fun in your trip 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday, From the Linford's!! First I've checked in awhile to see how the adventure is going and so great to see that smiling face 🙂 Eliza is right beside me and says, "That's my friend, Lucy!!" So … she hopes you have a great birthday too. Luv you all!!

  3. oh great you opened the comments again!
    Happy Birthday Lucy!

    And I've been meaning/wanting to tell you I loved your post about raising teenagers a short while ago. Absolutely loved it.

  4. Happy 8th Birthday to lovely Lucy. Hope she's having a brill day.:)

    Thank you for letting us leave comments today so that we can let us send birthday wishes to Lucy.:)

  5. I just want to say how much I enjoy reading your blog. I'm not much of a traveler. I do love to stay home. But I'm so excited to learn about China and see what you are all doing to adjust. Love your family and keep looking forward to another post! Happy Birthday to Lucy!

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