Oh man we had a good one around here.

And our Thanksgiving Tree got a wing-dinger of an overhaul of leaves of every sort to celebrate our thankfulness.

We decided to forgo our traditional “Turkey Trot” and do our own thing. I took the girls on a run/bike ride to celebrate the beauty of the world:

It was a gorgeous morning here in the desert.

We even lucked out and found the one tree in the desert that has changed colors:

Where were Dave and Max you may ask?

Well, they were playing some serious football.

My parents came to town but didn’t come ’til Thanksgiving afternoon so the whole family kicked in to help prepare the big dinner. Everyone had serious jobs.

Elle was in charge of the rolls. She graciously let her sisters help.

I really didn’t help one ounce.

And they were delicious.

Grace and Claire had the table-prep work for their job.

They worked hard on these suckers:

They were also in charge of the Thanksgiving lesson.

They took their job very seriously:

But this is more like it:

In case you didn’t’ realize already, doing hair on Thanksgiving was NOT one of the jobs.

Max was a master potato-masher:

And Lucy was the “picture-drawer.”

I did mention hair do-ing was not our specialty, right?

My job was the turkey.

I brined (how do you spell that??) it for the first time this year.

And I’ll let you in on a little secret: brining is NOT as easy as the Pioneer Woman makes it sound. Nor quite as pretty. And I must admit it didn’t help to cut through my fingernail with a knife right before brining the darn thing.

But it was pretty worth it for that succulent thing.

Dave was a serious turkey carver and kitchen-keep-cleaner.

And when my parents arrived my mom was a great finishing-touches-organizer:

And my Dad was a great kid-entertainer.

Then we relished in the meal we made together:

And headed to Nana & Papa’s for pies galore for dessert.

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. It sounds like the perfect day!! Your weather looked perfect as well 🙂 Great photos Shawni. They inspire me to learn my camera (and get a better lens 🙂

  2. Happy Happy Thanksgiving 🙂

    Your turkey looks amazing!! Not to sure what brining is, but it must have worked because your turkey looks so yummy. I am not the best cook….so I am years away from cooking the turkey for the big day. I am just happy they let me make the ranch dip for our big family dinner.

    Hope you have a great day.

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