By the time this posts we will be tucked away in some curry house in Japan trying to find some sort of turkey with my brother and his family.  So excited.

We are so GRATEFUL for so much this year!  Being away from home gives us such a renewed and stronger sense of pure gratitude for so many things we take for granted.

When my friend Marlowe posted what their family does for Thanksgiving HERE (when people sent in their Thanksgiving traditions back HERE), I loved it and decided to merge it with our regular Thanksgiving Tree we do every year.  She does a “call of happiness” where they all write what makes them happy on post-it notes and cover the fridge with them.  I’m such a big believer in the fact that Gratitude = Happiness and Happiness = Gratitude.

I could only find a few scraps of colorful paper to make leaves for our big tree this year and we had a ton of post-it notes so I tried to remember to pass out a few of them at dinner every night for kids to write down the things that make them happy.

And for some reason that little switch of terminology made them get to scribbling down their things speedy quick.

And our tree went from this:

 to this:

to this this week:

Love some of the things they came up with.

This Thanksgiving I am grateful for so very much my heart is overflowing.  Amidst all those things are blog readers.  I appreciate so much all the ideas and wisdom and love I have felt through the years through the hallways of cyberspace through this blog.

Thank you for your love.

Happy, happy Thanksgiving!!

Love, Shawni


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your beautiful family. I am so grateful for the constant encouragement that your blog provides me as a new mother. I know for a fact that my young, growing family will forever be influenced and changed as we live more purposely and gratefully because of your example. Please never stop blogging.

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