…and we are all happy as can be about that little fact.  (I talked HERE about why he went to China…he was gone for three weeks.)

(We’re even putting up with the mustache he grew cause we’re all just so darn excited.)

He had a little added unplanned bonus adventure at the end of his trip (last night) which made us all the more excited to get him home.

When he was taking off from Shanghai they had some weird weather going on.  So he had to sit in the plane on the tarmac for three hours.

By that time he had missed his first connecting flight from L.A. home.  So Dave, knowing he would be late, changed that leg of the flight (different airline).

But then the flight was more delayed.

So Dave changed the flight again.

By the time Max got in, they had to bus he and the other passengers to another totally separate terminal since the normal customs place had some issues going on (???)  So Dave changed his flight one last time and because of all that crazy customs hoopla he missed that one by fifteen minutes.

So the poor kid was stranded in L.A. for the night.  Airport hotels were booked (he was so jet-lagged anyway he was sure he wouldn’t be able to sleep).  Dave and I were sick to our stomachs but I’m sure Max’s stomach was much worse.

Our welcome home banner Lucy worked for hours on sat lonely in the corner, and the requested welcome home cookies were put away in the freezer.

But we all woke up extra early this morning and ran to get that boy of ours.

So happy to have him home.
Now to get over the jet-lag so we can hear more about the big adventures…


  1. Talk about life preparation! Wow now he knows how to navigate an airport and his mission will be a BREEZE! I can imagine how my stomach would be in knots as the Mama Bear with all that chaos! Glad he made it home safe!

  2. Hey Shawni…if you ever get a chance I'd love to hear more about the missions you and your siblings went on…and the ones that you will be sending your children on. I am not Mormon so I don't know if they are arranged through your church or how that works. Regardless, that is something I would love my children to experience but I'm not sure how to even go ahead and get started on that…are there organizations etc.?

  3. So goes life! Just think of how much he'll know the next time he gets stranded overnight at an airport. So glad he not only survived but thrived!

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