Dave and I are lucky enough to live close to some of our college friends.  One of my college roommates (Nichole) just lives a few streets over, and a couple weeks ago another one of our friends (Brigitta) came to town for something, and we got to hang with her the day before she had to meet up with others.
We picked her up from the airport and headed straight to a straight-up hike…on one of the hottest days of the year so far.  She was a pretty good sport to follow us up that mountain!
As we climbed higher and higher we talked about everything under the sun and admired the sprawling city that stretched out below.
I adore these girls.  
And I learn so much from them!  They get this life thing I tell you.  We met up with one other college friend for lunch later (Julie, hi!), but I didn’t get a picture, gosh dang it.
Anyway, one of the things we talked about was mothering (of course, because we have kids, and we are moms).  Brigitta brought up two great TED talks by Brene Brown, one on vulnerability and one on shame.
And I kind of feel like I’ve been under a rock because apparently the whole world has listened to those things (every time I mention them people already know all about them and have already listened).  
But I hadn’t.
So in the days following our hike I listened.  
They are good.

Good enough that I had to share in case there is anyone out there who, like me, has not heard them yet.  Or even if you have, they’re worth a re-listen.

I think they’re valuable in so many aspects of life.  In mothering, in figuring out things in ourselves, in dealing with others.
The only problem with listening is that you can’t take notes.  But what stuck out to me is that vulnerability has power.  I think that’s one thing I love about blogging.  I put out my ideas out there and make myself vulnerable because of course not everyone is going to agree.  Some people are going to be offended.  But in sharing, I grow.  And I think others grow because their own ideas get cemented or shifted around.
There’s so much to learn from each other!  So much to learn from our children, our spouses, our neighbors, random strangers we meet along the way…the grumpy ones who have their own stories and may need some love as well as the ones who lighten our load with something as simple as a smile.
Brigitta stayed over at my house that night. She stayed in Max’s room where she found this puppy:
And of course we HAD to take a picture.
One thing that is so fun is when your kids make friends with your college friends’ kids.  And that’s exactly what happened with our boys.  Max and her son Christian met at BYU before their missions and are such great friends.  So we had to take a picture for them of their goofy moms.  I’m sure they weren’t quite as amused as we were, but man it was fun to talk about those boys and their vulnerability out in the mission field (her son is in Rio), and marvel at the growth they are experiencing because if it.
Lots of food for thought, but just wanted to share those talks this fine Wednesday.


  1. Those were good! Just watch the first one and half the second. Got me thinking…anyway, a random question (me being vulnerable. Ha!) Where did you get you jeans from? And shoes? (In the bottom picture with Max) Ha! TIA

  2. I love Brene Brown. Her books have really changed my viewpoint. Her discussions of empathy, wow. And vulnerability. SO good. I'm actually headed back to get a clinical Master of Social work degree, partially inspired by her! So I love that you're sharing these here, because sharing light & goodness like this is awesome.

  3. I would suggest the book Daring Greatly by Brene Brown. It is AMAZING! I now read it yearly to remind myself that it is okay to be vulnerable.

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