Track can teach you a lot of things.

And this girl of ours has learned a ton during her first track season.

One track meet in particular she kind of had a mis-start for her 400 meter race.

 She kind of slipped on the gravel…

…and got off to a late start.

(Look at that face…I love the mix of emotion in that thing…a little embarrassment and frustration and determination all mixed together.)

But she knew what to do:  keep going!

 She ran her heart out.

…and didn’t win, of course, but still did pretty great after that slow start.

Her smart Dad in the stands had some advice for her when she was done:

“Keep your focus straight ahead at the finish line…don’t keep looking side to side to see where everyone else is.  That will give you more speed.”

 …which she took to heart and helped her 4×4 team come in first.

A couple days later I read something that had touched me from one of the many missionary letters we get for scripture study.
It was a quote one of Elle’s friends had included from his mission president:  
“One thing [my mission president] said to me is that proud people look side to side, while humble people look up. That has stuck with me. We dont need to worry about what others think or “fear men”, we only need to fear God and trust in him. 

I loved that thought.  

Claire perked right up and reminded us that’s kind of the same lesson she had learned at track.  
And she was right.  
Which made me think about it even more.  How I hope she (and I) can remember that good lesson.  It doesn’t matter what others think, we just need to be sure we’re looking up and doing what we feel is right.  And that makes such a difference!


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